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Recently I ran the Windsor half marathon and one of the facilities they offered was to have a photo as you came over the finish line. These were sold for at £10(in advance) and I was told the photos would be with me within a fortnight...I am still waiting for mine although paying up front and now have no means of contacting the company concerned. It is over five weeks now. has anybody else had a similar experience ?


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    I haven't received mine either, although I paid by cheque, so I don't know if any money has been taken.
  • Not quite the same, but I won £100 at the Windsor 1/2m and after many phone calls, I'm still without my prize money.
  • I'm in exactly the same boat, paid cash for mine on the day and am still waiting. Windsor was my first half and so I really want the photo.
  • You are always best off paying for goods by Card as they are not allow to draw the money until the good are despatched
  • I sent of a cheque to them about 4 weeks ago and it hasn't been cashed, and you guessed it, no photo yet.
  • I did this last year and it did take AGES for the photo to come. However, it wasn't really worth the wait - black and white and very blurry!!! Like something from the 1920's!
  • I noticed this year they were advertising that the photos were to be in colour...I thought that it was funny if they had only been black and white previously. With digital as good as it is, I would have thought it would not offer a great problem.
    I'll keep you posted when I get mine.
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