waterproof gear - suggestions?

I really hate gyms and would rather carry on training outside year round. Can anyone advise on good waterproof gear or simply on the feasibility of continuing to train outside?



  • I find that my skin is quite naturally waterproof :-)

    seriously though, I do get too hot in proper waterproof stuff, doesn't let me breathe enough. I prefer to run in the dri-fit type stuff which doesn't get too soggy, and dries out fairly quick when the showers stop. Also a baseball cap keeps most of it out of your face.

    I've just come back from a 50 min run in the rain and it was lurvely (though I'm sure I wouldn't be so keen in the middle of winter!)
  • I started running a year ago and I ran all through winter. As it got colder, I bought new kit - a pair of long-leg Ronhill tracksters, various long sleeve wicking T-shirts and the odd thicker fleecy type top together with a lightweight rain proof running jacket (£8 from Aldi!!!) and Ronhill high-viz vest (I run early mornings)...
    When it got too cold I wore wicking gloves and a woollen hat. I thoroughly enjoyed running through winter and I was never too cold - if anything I got too hot for wearing too many layers...
  • Running in the rain is great :-) - I don't bother with waterproofs ( although I probably would if I was going out for several hours). A decent "wicking" top won't get heavy/cold/chafe.

    In the winter, I just wear slightly thicker tops and gloves.- Running in NewYork last January (0 degrees FARENHEIT!) is the only time when this hasn't been enough(brr)
  • I'd second fraggles cap suggestion - even if the rest of you is getting wet, it makes a big psychological difference if your eyes are clear. I use a lightweight "Hilly" one that wicks quite well and doesn't absorb rain. (cotton ones would be uncomfortable)
  • Now I know why they say "only mad dogs and englishman"!!!!!
  • If it's really tipping down then a lightweight shell jacket won't keep the rain out but it will at least stop you getting wind chill in your wet clothes.
  • Don't spend a fortune on a waterproof jacket. RW themselves said in a review that running produces too much sweat for the idea of clothing letting sweat out but not letting rain in. A £15-20 rip stop jacket and wicking t shirt, shorts in summer even in the rain.
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