Knee surgery - arthroscopy

Had this op just over 2 weeks ago (keyhole surgery). Seems to be taking longer to get back to normal than I hoped, hindered I think by some rather agressive physiotherapy! Has anyone had a similar op and if so, can you tell me what to expect in the way of complete recovery. I have not been able to run for about 8 months, including the 7 months leading up to the op. Gave up my 2002 place in the FLM but hoping to run in 2003!


  • I don't know if this is useful but my boyfriend had keyhole surgery on his hip just under two weeks ago and seems to be recovery gradually. He has been told he won't be able to run for about two months but has been told to build up gradually on the bike and stepper in the gym. Like you, I think he is frustrated that it is not an instant fix and is desperate to start running again (although so he can play rugby not to be a runner). I think patience is the key and resist over-working.
  • If the physio you are having is not working. Try changing your physio. Have you got Private cover? I fractured my ankle and the physio I first saw was very agressive also. So I changed physio's and from the 1st session with the new person I felt the difference straight away, and am now fully fit touch wood.
  • Thanks for the words of encouragement, Jennifer, - I think you are right and that I will have to be very patient, it's no use trying to run before I can walk (and never before has THAT saying had so much relevance to my own situation!)
    No, Richard, I don't have private cover but if I'm not feeling a whole lot better by 4-6 weeks after the op, I will take your advice and seek a different physio (even if it means paying for the privilege).
  • I had knee surgery back in February.It does take some time to get back to some sort of reasonable running.I found that to start with I run slightly differently, tending not to hit the ground so hard with my right leg in case I injured the knee again.This then started to cause problems with my right hip.
    In the end I started from scratch, and walked alot until I didn't have a fear of re-injuring the same knee. A lot of cycling, in the gym or on the road, and then slowly building up the run mileage until you feel comfortable again is the only way I think.I found the main problem after returning was that my chest felt quite tight after little or no exercise during the lay off period.Try to keep active with swimming maybe.
  • Well it's now been over 8 weeks since my op and I have realised that time is definitely going to be the healer! I am still in quite a bit of pain and unable to lock my leg out straight, and bending it beyond 45 degrees is also uncomfortable. I have a 2 week holiday abroad coming up at the end of this week and am hoping that r&r will do me good, with plenty of swimming thrown in! On my return, I'm going to follow your advice with the bike, gym etc but I'm finding that what you say is true - it's the fear of doing more damage, and I already feel that the way I have been walking for the past 8 weeks has made me lopsided!
  • Hi. My husband had both knees operated on in July 2000 and ran a pb at the London Marathon the following year. He has since completed another 2 marathons and is getting quicker. The healing time can seem drawn out and depressing when you realise the fitness that has been lost. Stick with it though and keep doing the exercises and hopefully you'll be back to running faster than ever soon.

    By the way, David didn't have too much in the way of physio once the immediate post-operative stuff was out of the way - maybe in the region of 6 sessions maximum...

    Good luck, Amanda
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