Lee Valley 8k

This is race is very local to me: about 5 mins walk away. Anyone interested? Can't find much info at the moment as it's more of a fun run, starting at Tottenham marshes and run along the canal. It's free, and I guess will be DIY timing.


  • Hi Ultra

    Yes, maybe. It's close to me, too (Hackney), but I'm coming back from hols late the night before. Do you know if it's an early start?

    Doing my first 10k later in July, so this would be a good test (and no pressure, nice and relaxed if it's a 'fun run').

    Please let me know if you find out more info.
  • Hi Joey! I'll try and find out more info - there's a phone number on the Lee Valley Park site, so I'll give that a go. I'll post more details when I find out. All the very best for your first 10k. Mine was wonderful! (Done in May.)
  • Thanks! I'll pencil it in, anyway. Maybe see you there...

    BTW, where did you do your first 10k?
  • In Germany! I was part of the forum Mannheim marathon relay team, with Ironwolf and Helephant. Fantastic race.
  • I think this event is the Tottenham Marshes 5 which is being organised by Edmonton Rrunning Club. It's not free tho' - £5 affiliated £6 non-affiliated, more on the day.

    There's more info on the club's website
  • Thanks, rotunder, I think you're right. Strange that the Lee Valley Park advertise it as an 8k and don't link to Edmonton's site...anyway, go here for full details and entry form.
    Joey - the race is at 1030, and nearest Tube is Tottenham Hale. Start is about 10 mins walk up the tow path.
  • Thanks for the info and link. Was hoping it would be an afternoon race, as my flight home from hols arrives (hopefully!) at 23.40 on the Saturday. Have to see how it goes and maybe enter on the day, I think.

    Anyone else doing this race?

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