Tuesday Session - 5th November

Morning all – an early one at that (couldn’t sleep)

What : AM-circuit training : PM-easy 4miler
Why: Still testing back out

Last Rest Day : Sunday
Last Hard Day : Can’t remember



  • Will, you tart! I came on just to post this thread! ;)

    What: 5 miles fartlek
    Why: Running to the swimming pool.

    Last hard: Will probably be today
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • I bet you've never been called a tart before WW.

    Club night 1 or 2 hour run depends how I feel.
  • Run in daylight for me, if i can tear myself away from the thesis
  • What: Will try to drag myself out for that gentle run. But body in post marathon/ post weekend booze up rebellion (sorry, Dubs repeating myeslf)
    Why: Why the eck not - didn't do anything yesterday. Lemsip and bed
    Last hard: the Marathon last monday
    Last rest: Yesterday
    Thanks Laura and Hilly - yes if I get into FLM, I will do it and be aiming for sub 3:30. Cheque has been cashed but I'm a bequeather. I've entered the Connemara Marathon too. If I get into FLM I'll do a half at Connemara. If I don't I'll do the 26.2 in the wild west of Ireland (do join us...check it out at www.connemarathon.com)
  • Morning all

    What: Club night - probably speed work
    Why: If I don't go to the club I probably wont do anything at all - my motivation still hasn't returned.

    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Sunday
  • Morning everyone. Damp, mild, light winds here - should be nice for this evening if weather holds like this.

    what: quality session with Wirral AC runners, starting from Hoylake prom. Don't know the details yet - will provide afterwards. If it's anything like last week, the prospect fills me with anticipation and dread in equal amounts!

    why: cos you wouldn't in your right mind pass up a chance to train with athletes the same standard or better if they're doing so less than a mile from your doorstep

    last hard day: last Tue
    last rest day: Mon
  • what-1mile warm up, 4x 1m with 60sec jog rec all in about 6.30, 1 mile warm down.

    why- cos it hurts
    last hard day- sunday(seriously hard)
    last rest day-sat
    last easy day-mon
  • Cheers Psi :o)
  • morning all

    What - 5 mile fartlek - might try 1min fast with 5 mins recovery (well see how long I can do that for)
    Why - haven't done any speed work in ...ohhh ages. I was supposed to be taking a newbie out to show him my training route but he's made the classic beginners mistake of doing too much too soon (despite me saying he only needed 10 mins at the moment) and is hobbling around.
    Last Rest day - Sat
    Last Hard Day - Sunday 10k race
  • What: 10 mile fartlek with club (unless they're all off to play with fireworks).
    Why: Regular Tuesday session.
    Last hard run: Will be tonight
    Last rest day: yesterday.

    BTW, my bloody arms and shoulders are still killing me from Saturday :-(
  • Morning all,

    What: 4 miles steady through woods.
    Why: trying to train every day this week.
    Last hard day: yesterday (mid-day run + footy in evening)
    Last rest day: Sunday.
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Can still feel Saturday's hills in my legs, club tomorrow
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Friday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    What: 5 miles easy pace on hilly route.
    Why: Still recovering from cold and anything too hard makes me cough!
    Last hard: Last Thursday.
    Last rest: Sunday.

    Did a short 2.5 mile route last night as was first day back after heavy cold and a few days off, so didn't want to overdo it. Felt very strong and ran well, so hope to pick up the distance tonight without any adverse side-effects.
  • OK, I want to play.

    What: Nothing. Upsetting, as I have the day off.
    Why: Got to rest my ITB's. And did a hard one yesterday. Physio wants me to do a brisk 5K tomorrow as final fitness test for Sunday race.
    Last hard day: Um, yesterday. 8K about as quick as I could manage. Test of ITB's/new shoes. Went very well. :-)
    Last rest day: Sunday

    There. That wasn't too difficult! :-)
  • howser - looks like i'll have to step up my training. ! What did your 'seriously hard' session consist of ?

    what - rest day
    why - pyramid session on treadmill (aargh) last night - 400m,800m,1200m,1600m,2000m with 3min recs @16kph.

  • Bad week last week due to annual coven bash,so

    What - 12 mile fartleck
    Why - i must return to schedule or be exterminated

    last rest - yesterday
    last hard - today
  • Hi all

    What: 4-5 mile easy if I can squeeze it in.
    Why: deadline, deadline, deadline... so got to get off the forum quick!
    Last hard: last night's hill reps.
    Last rest: Fri
  • Afternoon all
    what: gym session, rowing and weights
    why: easy week, but not as easy as last week

    last hard: a week ago
    last rest: Sunday
  • Great pic Sarcy!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: am - hill reps, 6 x 2 minutes with 2 minute jog recovery, pm 30 min recovery + weights
    Why: focus on strength and endurance over the next 2 months
    Last hard day: today
    Last rest day: yesterday.

    Snicks, you still haven't said how you managed that massive negative split in Dublin & doesn't 3:42 get you into FLM anyway as "good for age"
  • Hi All

    What: Not sure really - went out to do not a lot and ended up running about 7 miles along winding and undulating country lanes, through woods and around an old chalk quarry (which included climbing out of the quarry up a very steep incline and then back in again!).

    Why: Lack of planning/Got carried away

    Last Hard: Friday 8x400 fast on a treadmill (managed to stay on!)

    Last rest: Monday (kind of - went to gym)

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Afternoon Krazy Kats,

    Heckled last night on my steady 5 miler by a group of female power walkers : "you're going too fast" ... they were right - just over 35mins, should've been nearer 40 for my easy jogs....

    Today did a 2 1/4 mile steady run , followed by 20*100m fast with 50m slow jog recovs (or 10 laps of the footy pitch to you & me) with a 2 1/4 mile jog home.
    Nearly all on grass/trail/woodland.

    Why : trying to get used to off road running which until last month formed 99.9% of my running

    Last hard : today
    Last Rest : last week
  • What: 2 miles jog, 4 miles fast, 3 miles jog home via the paper shop (they'd run out of The Times by 9.30 am - apparently there's no call for it!!
    Last easy: yesterday with Rachel
    Last Hard: Saturday at the Cross country.

    tomorrow i'll be heading for the fields and doing a 7miles recovery run over hill and dale.
  • what: surprise
    why: club night
    last hard day: sun
    last rest: Monday

    never seem to find time for a long(2 hr) slow run these days. Oh well no HM's in sight, just have to focus on speed!
  • What: speedwork of some sort, might alos fit in a swim
    Why: club night, but I will be helping with the juniors
    Last hard day: Sun 10 mile race
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • I think I may have done something a bit daft – I’ve just pre-registered for Ironman UK on 31st August 2003

    Ah-well – I suppose it’s a goal

    Anyone who is interested – the web site is:


    Will :o)
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    WW, I think you're correct! Doesn't that involve a 100 mile bike ride, a marathon and an absurd amount of swimming??????
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Love to join you WW but I believe I'm down for cutting the grass that day and it wouldn't be right to cancel.....

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm washing my hair that day, but good luck WW.
  • WW.
    I am inspired by the thought of an Ironman but need advice. I can't remember reading if you have done one before or not? I haven't and haven't even done an olympic distance yet, (I am planning to in the early part of next season). Do you think it would be just stupid to go for an ironman next August? Running before you can walk etc... My current situation is not bad, I have run a marathon (3hrs 50) with no problems, and thanks to yours and others advice on a different thread I can now swim the ironman swim distance in about 1hr25mins and my longest cycle is 2.5hrs at about 17 MPH. I would be looking to improve on all of these over the winter and I want to do the FLM.
    I would love to do an IM but don't want to drastically overdo it or get in over my head and come last! Girlfriend (doctor) is totally against tri, says being that fit is unhealthy! What does she know.... any ammo to respond would be appreciated.
    must stop reading these boards, they give me bad ideas!
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