• I'm not going in them puddles if there's floaters in 'em!
  • Can anyone who's done this before tell me if it's like, dead serious, or is there a fun element? I'm wondering about entering but not if it's only for the ultra hard...
  • Okay - that sounds like my kind of pace too!
  • well i am ex RAF reservist (recently left) & been in 15 yrs and i only once did a assault course and that was on my first two weeks course, so i am up for the challenge. should be a laugh (NOT) if if you seeme in my camoflauge uniform its probably me and good luck to everyone how participates in it.
  • the 2003 course was better, the swim at the end sorted all the mud out, wasn't so keen on januarys course, shallow puddles and no end pond!
    Hope this one is more like the 2003 otherwise it'll loose the 'girmness'
  • I've gotta do it - was there on the 1st and 2nd running - will enter later on
  • maybe do it as a gorilla just for a laugh?
  • Guess I'll be there - just love the luxury changing facilities!
  • Gotta start getting in the zone for Tough Guy!
  • I'm up for that again. Just hope it's not as damn cold as the last one!
  • Hey Slippery, not seen you about for a while, wasn't enough water to get cold at the last one - unless like me you went for a face first tumble into a puddle!
  • Hee Hee!
    I've entered. I have enjoyed this event for the last 2 years so why not go for it again?
    What about a Christmas Fancy Dress theme to add to the fun?
  • Hi Lindi how are you? Need to go out for a drink some time- loads has happened since we last met up! Been driving around your area! Am leaving Niketown on Friday to go to pastures new- loads of fun promotional stuff for my favourite brand! You still working and living in EG?
  • Lindy there are pictures of me in that puddle
  • I'm in Crawley Slippery but working in EG. Give me a shout next time you are down my way.
  • EG? Anyway - I've entered -Add me to the list
  • Okey dokey will do- may well be training with the EG tri guys- met a load of them in Lanzarote in May! Crazy guys!!
  • there isn't a list - right I'll do one
  • If you've shown an interest - you're on the list

    Bryan (Ewok's Mate)
    Evil Pixie
    Iron Godzilla
    medic one
    Evil Pixie
  • If you're evil pixie you're on the list twice

  • Thanx 'Zilla

    I was just thinking the other day that there is a lack of lists in the forums recently.
  • Would mean you'd get two t-shirts
  • skirts? why didn't I get one?
  • I'm sorry- although would be a sight to see everyone wearing the skirt in the race this year- kind of compulsory like the shirt for the British 10k
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