Any 10k/10m runs in London area this w/e?

Can't find any races in a 50 mile radius! Please let me know if you know of a club that is holding a race this weekend. Preferably one that gives medals ;-)


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    There's a 10k in Victoria Park but it's full up so don't go there. It's supposed to be World Run Day or something so there must be more than that on.
  • Looks like I'll not be racing this weekend then ;-(
  • GTR - Ronhill LARA Surrey Classic 10k in Oxshott, Surrey this Sunday, no medal though and you only get a t-shirt if you complete the 3 race series (Race 1 was last month). Try for details.
  • Thanks Murf, in that case I think it is better to do just a training run.
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