YYIPPEE, soo pleased

I am soo happy, I ran 4.5 miles today in under 45mins, providing i only started running 8 weeks ago and couldn't even run half a mile without collapsing i think this is very good.

I am planning to run the brighton half marathon in feb so it should be no problem.

Any tips though guys???


  • No tips needed as you're obviously enjoying and are well motivated.

    Just had to post to say very well done !
  • Sara

    You're a star
    Well done, that's a great achievement (I remember how chuffed I felt when I got back to getting under 10 min mile, it feels great doesn't it)

    Good luck with Brighton
  • Sara - brilliant! It seems to be quite a week for beginners! All the very best for the Brighton. Are you doing any races before then?
  • Wow thanks guys for ur posts, that is what i like about this site,loads of encouragment and praise.

    Would like to do a 10K, but don't know where to find any info about them, i live on border of east london/essex, any one know of any going on?
  • The only one I've heard of is the Chelmsford 10K on 24 November. There's a thread on it buried a few pages into the Events Forum.

  • Chelmsford 10k on 24 Nov - see the events forum - seems as if there will be quite a few who will be doing 10k for the first time and vying to be at the back of the pack!

    Good luck - might see you there.


  • Great minds Scotty - you doing Chelmsford?
  • Well done, if you can do this a marathon is certainly well within your capability. Apart from all the Nike bridges stuff 1st December there is a 10 mile race inMargate check out www.Thanetroadrunners.freeserve.co.uk
    Also Runners World lists loads of races. These are great to get to know people and a fun way of improving your running.

    Keep it up and maybe we will all see you run past us at Brighton!
  • SR,

    No. I've been checking out events for a colleague that lives in Essex. I tend to stick to South London events. Probably doing Crowborough 10K on 1st December.

    Good luck with Chelmsford.
  • Sara

    Simply go to the tab at the top of this page labelled EVENTS. Type in the month you are interested in, the distance, and the county + any other parameters of interst such as distance from home etc. and then click on search.

    You will then see a list of events for the appropriate distance. click on the event title listed and instuctions for entry are displayed as well as any forum discussions on it.

    I just did this and there's a 10k in Chelmsfors on the 24 th November.

    Hope this helps

  • scotty, do u have any links or info in the 10K in crowborough??
  • Sara,

    You'll find entry form etc on www.crowboroughrunners.org.uk/Home_Page_Revisited.htm

    There's about 6 forumites signed up for it already. I'm hoping to apply myself this week.

  • Well done, Sara :) That's a lot of progress in a short period of time!
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