I have type 1 diabetes. I run between 5-10k usually. (Currently planning to do Blackpool Beach 10K for the first time)Don't have brilliant blood glucose control. My excuse is that no two days are the same for me and it is impossible to interpret patterns. My exercise does not follow a set pattern some days I cycle alot, other days I swim or run or do aerobics/ other gym classes. Lots of high and low blood sugars. Know the answer would be to go on a DAFNE (dose adjustment for normal eating)course to fine tune my insulin adjustment. But my local PCT don't offer this. So any type 1 runners out there with any top tips. Please!


  • hope the info on this thread helps gd.

    diabetes and running

    There is another thread, but cannot find it at the moment.

  • Hi Gill

    I'm not T1 or T2 but have a T1 friend who swears by the Glyaemic Index of foods, as a way of getting the right dietary fuel, as well as getting insulin right. He got a mailer or something from Tesco on this the other day as they have some initiative on this with Redgrave/Diabetes UK.

    Dunno, but might help

  • sams link is a good one
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