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Hi All

Anybody live near Bracknell/Crowthorne who could advise on how to get from Heathrow Airport to Crowthorne Train station please.

I am attending a training course in Wokingham between 12 - 16 July and staying at the Corus Hotel in Bracknell/Crowthorne.

Is a taxi the best option? and if so any idea of cost? is it possible to get a taxi other than a black cab at Heathrow Airport? as I know the black cabs are much more expensive.

How would I go about getting to Crowthorne by train? Heathrow express to where? to be able to get a connection to Crowthorne.

Thanks in advance for any help



  • Hi Michael

    When you arrive at Heathrow make your way to the Bus Station (Stance 20) and jump on the 285 bus (costs £1) - it will say Kingston on the front but will drop you off at Feltham Train Station. From Feltham you can catch the Reading train (4 an hour at peak times, 2 and hour off-peak) and get off at Bracknell (cost £4.80). Then bus or taxi to Crowthorne.

    When are you due to arrive? If it's a weekend or evening I may be able to pick you up at Bracknell and take you through to Crowthorne.
  • Hi Armadillo

    Cheers for that. Is it not possible to get a train to Crowthorne station which is supposed to be about .5 miles from the hotel?

    I hope to arrive in Heathrow at around 14:15 on Sunday 11th July. As far as the Reading train is concerned would this be considered off peak?

    Regards & Thanks again,

  • Hi Michael,

    Crowthorne station is only on the gatwick to reading line, so if you did want that, carry on to reading from feltham and change in reading. (or can you fly to gatwick?)

    cheers -
  • Hi Bison

    Cheers for that. Will probably do that then. No chance of changing to gatwick now as trip is already booked. I booked Heathrow as it was listed as the nearest airport.

    Would you have any idea what I might expect to pay in a taxi (not a black cab) from Heathrow to Crowthorne? and is is possible to get a taxi other than a black cab at Heathrow?

    Regards & Thanks,

  • I've had another look at this. You could catch the Reading train and get off at Wokingham. There is a train from Wokingham to Crowthorne.

    Depart Feltham: 14.42
    Arrive Wokingham: 15.23
    Depart Wokingham: 15.44
    Arrive Crowthorne: 15.49

    Depart Feltham: 16.42
    Arrive Wokingham: 17.23
    Depart Wokingham: 17.44
    Arrive Crowthorne: 17.49

    There are two trains leaving Feltham for Reading between 14.42 and 16.42 (15.42 and 16.09) and there are plenty of pubs in Wokingham in which to pass the time before your connection.

    Unfortunately I don't get in to Heathrow until 16.40 that day.

    Your other option would be to travel to Crowthorne via London but I don't have details of that.
  • michael,

    you'll struggle to get a minicab at Heathrow unless you've pre-booked one as the airport police seem to spend more time chasing off taxi-touts than anything else. I believe that a cab from here (I'm about 3 miles from Crowthorne) to the airport would set you back about £35 - 40.

    also, i'm fairly sure that you don't have to change at Wokingham. The Reading - Gatwick trains have two separate services - one stops at Crowthorne and the other doesn't.
  • Hi Guys,

    Cheers , thanks for the information. It will make my travel much easier.

    Thanks again and Happy Running,

  • Hi

    this may be a bit late but---- there is a brilliant flightline bus that goes from Heathrow and drops you about half an hour later at Reading station, from there its just a case of catching the Guildford or Gatwick trains to Crowthorne( I can't remember which of these stop at Crowthorne, they are both on the same line but not all trains stop everywhere)

    happy travelling
  • Hi Fellranger

    Can you let me know where in Heathrow I catch this bus please.

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