Cornish Runners

We will be in Redruth, Cornwall this weekend so will be looking for one of those long rave runs, say 90 mins.

We've done the old mining coast to coast route from Portreath which is beautiful.

Any good routes peops?


  • I take thats a no then?
  • don't think the internet's reached Cornwall yet Gary! (certainly no broadband where my parents live anyway!)

    I just tend to do cliff & beach runs when I'm down there as you get a great view into the bargain. Try mailing one of the clubs dwon there and see what they can suggest?

    I'm sure Muttley will be along soon and point you in the right direction.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Can't really help, Gary. Although Camborne-Redruth is my home town, the only running I've done there recently was the Duchy Marathon. I don't know the local footpaths.


    There's running club in Hayle - They might have a Sunday run, worth a try.

    Alternatively, Tiggers Bouncing and Paskha live and run in that area. Runnerpete and Muzza are vaguely around there, and both of them can be found on the Events forum on Cornish threads. There was one the other day about a race in Sticker, near St Austell.

    Hope this helps.
  • No worries, thanks anyway. I'll try the site as well.

    I go down there quite a bit (in-laws), and to be honest, wherever we run its always fantastic.
  • Sorry- live in Cornwall but a bit too far from Redruth to be able to help.
  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    Gary,you could always run the Launceston 1/2 marathon this weekend approx 200 runners.The course is a tough one,killer last 2miles.
  • Hi Gary
    I live in Penzance, so like Muttley have only run the Portreath - Hayle coast road, in the Redruth area

    as I do most runs on my own I stick to roads mostly, but if you want to travel a bit further, go south to Helston & run around the Penrose Estate (NT) out along Loe Bar & coastal path (the An Resek Hellys 10+ mile race)

    I've got loads of great places to choose from in West Penwith!! Up over the moors to the North coast at Zennor (hilly), the whole of Mount's Bay cycle path is fab, Penzance - Mousehole and / or Penzance - Marazion (all flatish)

    sorry I can't help in Redruth area

    good idea to contact

    in fact Carn Runners were originally a club for Holman's in Camborne (I think) but they are the only club in Cornwall WITHOUT a website

    we'll be at Launceston Half on Sunday (starts 10.30am)

    come back & tell us where you ran!

    paskha - LizE - a hayle runner, also RRC & WRN

  • btw - check the tide times as running in the wind on firm sand at low tide is just wonderful, this w/end after the full moon tomorrow, Spring tides, should be Low low around Midday ...

    and High high about 6-7am / 6-7pm - which means, if the wind gets the waves crashing, an early morning shower from the sea along the cycle path (Pz - Mz) woopee!!
  • So how long is the Penz-Mousehole (I know the lingo even if my in-laws are emmetts) cycle route? Is it easy to find? I want to do a long run so could park my car, say, at Mousehole, and run a 90-100 min out and back. The high high waves sounds the business.

    The track I was on about earlier is an old mining train route that runs from Portreath though Scorrier and then goes right over to the English Channel (forgotten the town now). We usually pick it up at the A30 Scorrier turn-off.

  • Gary - running round the whole of Mount's Bay would be pretty scenic, especially "out & back" cos it all looks so different each way! it's an easy cycle ride (which I do early morning sometimes but I stay on the road) and would give you a 12-15 mile run, there are various tracks which will keep you off parts of the road, eg. going over the sand dunes into Marazion

    PZ Stn to Mousehole via the harbour, prom, Newlyn Green, Newlyn Harbour - approx 3.5 miles (out & back 7 miles)

    PZ Stn to Marazion Bridge (Station House pub & food - plenty parking right by the beach) - approx 2 miles, but if you continue into Marazion, it's another mile or a bit more if you run to the top (out & back 4-8 miles)

    The waves sometimes come over the path where it goes along beside the railway line by Pz stn & along the Prom - can be seriously impassable in a winter storm!!

    you can choose to park in Mousehole, Penzance or Marazion or many places in between - and it's worth running right up to the top of Marazion, to get the views coming back (slight climb up through Marazion)

    I would probably choose to park at Marazion Bridge which would be the easiest to get to from Redruth, straight down the A30 & take the turning to Marazion and just park up when you get to the sea!

  • cheers pashka,

    Didn't get your last post till this morning.
    We ended up running 100 mins out and back along the old Mineral Tramway down toward Devoran. On Saturday we tried the round lake path at Stithians Lake which would have been excellent apart from the fact that the broadwalk had collapsed, so afterward the footpath was covered in bracken as it looked like noone had walked it for years. If they open that walk it will be an excellent run.

    I got some more good tips while I was down there, plus your runs too.



  • And another one to add to the Cornish rave runs.

    Along the beach at Perranporth in winter, best at low tide. What a great run. Great waves, nice wind, excelent surface, and kite surfers for entertainment. Tis probably a bit short, 45 minutes out and back, but you can add in some extra loops up the cliffs.

  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    GT,If you are down visiting over easter,you can do the Surf run 6ish on easter mon.It goes across the beach, then you ascend the wall of Jericho hill before disappearing in the Valley of Doom "Dunes",then decsending Geronimo Hill!!down onto the beach and back to the finish.This race is part of the Cornish Grand Prix approx 200runners.
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