Is it the same outdoors? - running I mean

Hi this is my first post, started running in March in training for 'Race for life' and to loose weight, now 4.5 stone lighter and have 'got the bug' I run most often on the treadmill where I can see my time and speed/ distance, how would this compare to when I run outside? can I asume I run the same speed ant therefore cover the same distance.Much prefer to run outside and hoping to do a half next year but can only manage 3 miles at the moment!


  • treadmill running is easier
    you need an incline to make it more like outside
    I could happily do an hour on the treadmill, but only managed 7 minutes the first time i went outside
    seems theres no real substitute for getting out there, if you can cope with the weather, and hecklers and dogs
    Good luck, im sure youll manage the half
  • Hi Mucky and welcome...4.5 stone lost is quite something! Not sure how you'll find running outside, but I love it and get bored to tears running on a treadmill, which I've only done a couple of times. Are you able to run somewhere nice when it's light at the weekends (assuming that you're free to run during daylight hours at the weekend)? There'll be plenty to see (icluding hecklers and dogs, as Benz says) and a two or three mile outdoor run will feel great afterwards. I love running in the rain, but then Meerkats are odd like that...
  • Have to disagree with Benz on this one. I find treadmill running a real bore. Often get a case of CBA and get off after 10 minutes. Treadmill minutes are the longest in the world.

    To avoid most of things benz mentions (and I'd add fireworks to the list) try a sunday morning run, off road if you can (canal side is good: not too hilly and a forgiving surface) Stop and walk a bit if you want. Get some fresh air in your lungs and enjoy it.

    PS CBA = cant be arsed
  • You really need to measure a route outdoors to get a comparison. I run maybe 10% slower outdoors, but I go further, and don't try as hard. Absolute speed probably isn't really too important though, so you don't need to be too accurate with your distances!

    Can't imagine how anyone can claim to be able to run for an hour on a treadmill though - it's so tedious!
  • well theres always the blokes to watch
  • Hi Mucky,
    I started running for Race for Life this year too but my weight loss has been a less spectacular ten pounds or so! Well done!
    I think if you alternate treadmill with outdoor running to start with that will help your knees etc build up to the extra strain. (My Women's Guide to Running advises mixing the surfaces you run on) The good thing about outdoors apart from it being less boring is you also cool down faster - I tend to overheat quickly in the gym. So get out there and give it a shot!
  • I'm sure I've read somewhere that a 3 degree incline is required to simulate running on the flat and windless outside. This to compensate for the lack of air resistance on a treadmill. I'm not sure how accurate this is or whether it also compensates for any trampoline effect you get on a treadmill!

  • I found that I could actually run faster and further outside than on a treadmill - I'm another of the CBA Club when it comes to treadmill running: 15 minutes on a treadmill seems to last much longer than running a couple of miles outside for me. Not that I can run 2 miles in 15 minutes, but you get the idea.

    And I'd also agree with Sean - measure your route as accurately as you can (I use a ruler and an A-Z, which is not terribly accurate, but it seems to work out roughly when I've measured courses using the mileometer in the car).
  • That thesis isnt going to do itself benz!
  • 5100 words of intro so far
  • I quite like treadmills - apart from watching myself lope in the mirror!

    theres something in the monotony that fits with the hard work aspect - and the readouts etc - i think it also helps that the treadmill is supportive (underfoot not in saying nice things!) as i am heavy on my feet

    treadmills also allow for speed and hill work and interval training in a controlled way and again the support, so might avoid injury

    but they do have the downside of running next to skinnier fitter and faster more glamorous people!

    however my fave running would be flying around off road in the summer and 3 stone lighter!
  • Waybto go benzy. Must run home now. dodge the fireworks!!
  • I've only recently started using the treadmills at my gym and I'm a bit ambivalent about them. On the one hand, they are handy for those rainy days when Teps, unlike Meerkats, prefer to stay indoors, but I do feel a bit claustrophobic on the damned thing and it can be a bit tedious, although all those Hill Programs and what have you do add some diversity to the experience. I still prefer running round the Common.
  • Treadmills on a day like today, it was wonderful running in the rain. Best of all was splashing along in all those puddles!!!!!!

    Get outside and enjoy the fresh air.....
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