Triathlon swimsuits/bikinis

OK, call me sad, but I noticed in one fo the bits of bumpf that fell out of RW that they have speedo two piece ladies tri suits going for £8.

I need a new set of beachwear so are they comfy enough for general beach laziness and hardwearing enough not to fall apart at the first sniff of saltwater/cholorine?


  • No idea, but would appreciate photos if anyone has them. Thanks. ;-)
  • LOL cougie
  • I have a tri swimsuit which I've worn lots of times and it hasn't fallen apart with the chlorine. As long as you like the style - go for it!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    I need one of those but have lost my bumf (ooh er) is there any details on bumf so Ican get in touch? Much appreciated.
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • I have a Speedo two piece Endurance swimming costume which looks remarkably similar to their 'tri suit' - v comfy, lasts well, waist string on bottoms so it doesn't fall down when you're swimming fast (blokes, don't laugh - unlike swimming trunks, most bikini bottoms don't have a tie, and they DO fall down when you dive in or swim anything other than breast stroke). Shorts also have zip pocket - v useful. Top has racer back, so again doesn't fall down (wish I'd been wearing that one instead of beach bikini when I dived into the hotel pool and raced my boyfriend to the end. Couldn't work out why he was smiling so much when I'd comprehensively beaten him. He reckoned I distracted him - and the other guests - deliberately).

    Don't know if it's the same but Speedo Endurance stuff is tops - I ran in it no probs too.

    However, I did notice that that bumf came from Bourne Sports and though I've not had direct experience of them, I've read enough threads on Gear not to want to risk ordering anything from them. At least, not anything I wanted within a year.
  • ps - also wore my Speedo two piece for canoeing (perfect), the top as a crop top with denim shorts and the shorts as, er, shorts, with a t-shirt. So great for the beach as you don't need to take an entire change of clothes, just a t-shirt, to feel respectable enough to go for lunch afterwards! I got mine from Sweatshop, they had a load of Speedo stuff. More expensive - I think £30 - but the Endurance range is - it's specially made to resist chlorine rot and saltwater damage. This stuff's lasted about 6 months, averaging 2 swims a week and still looks new. And the mud from the river bank washed out too.
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