sexy shoes?

Every time I go for a new pair of running shoes, I always seem to end up with the ugliest most garish pair in the shop cos of my virtually flat feet! Does anyone know where you can get some for women that do the job and look nice?
I know this is shallow but... :)


  • kitten heel slingback nikes? ooh reebok did them last season!

    thought those yellow nikes in RW looked quite funky - but Iv got exhibitionist feet!
  • Hate to say this but if you want something to look good then knee length leather boots do it for me!
    I know you are asking, but are they good to run in?
    ..................Well who cares!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh, the Nike Silverfish...I want, I want. But they're not exactly designed for slogging 40 miles a week through mud and snow.

    Just checked my running shoe collection. The most 'tasteful' ones are the Asics women's models. But still not pretty.

    PS BeerBB - I've run in knee length boots many times (later for meetings/trains etc.) and still manage 9 minute miling in them. But it kills my knees. And I look really, really, silly.
  • Thanks Lizzy might try some Asics! High-heeled boots are strictly office wear!
    Or I might write and plead with New Balance to design something less offensive to the eye..
  • Guinevere - Have you had a look at the Fila shoes? Not many UK running shops stock them for some reason but they are certainly rated by RW in their reviews & popular elsewhere. I have a pair of Fila Flow shoes which certainly stand out in a crowd!
  • Haven't seen any in my local Run and Become, but thanx will have a look on RW website!
    I have discovered you can customise Nike trainers on their website (eg Air Turbulence III) but not sure how good their models are.
  • Found them! (well, mine anyway)
    There's a big Fila shop in Covent Garden if that's any use.
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