Considering doing the usual sponsorship procedure for this cluster of half marathons all in one

High Wycombe
Burnham Beeches

Just not sure which is the best charity to raise for, to extract the most money from the corporate suits around my company.Any suggestions?

Anyone got any tales of past multi event sponsorship events spread over months?One injury would wreck the whole deal, but anyone can do one half marathon but 4 in 5 months is 1% more tricky!!


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  • You've probably scared people off by naming the thread "Sponsorship". People probably think you're asking for some.
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    whoops!!lets try this again!!
  • over the last two months I've done a 5k, 10k and doing a 1/2mara next month all for Cancer Research. Lots of my family have and are affected by it at the moment, so my way of doing something.

    Have you got a local hospice or hospital you can raise money for?

    Good luck! This sponsorhsip business is hard work.
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  • I agree with jammie that 'local' could be good if you are trying to get money out of people in a community but if you are in london where lots of people come from different areas then it would be better to go for a big charity that is special to you, good luck
  • This sounds like a reverse of the usual story.

    Why are you seeking sponsorship?
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    its really a massive ego trip to show i can doa mass of half marathons!!

    The sponsorship was some last minute idea to benefit some random charity!!!!
  • I'm running the London Marathon next year for a very special charity.  There are three reasons behind my sponsorship tactics.  Firstly, I am raising funds for "bricks and mortar", i.e. a brain tumour unit in the National Hospital for Neurology and Neusurgery in London (I live in Edinburgh, by the way), the second is that I am running in memory of someone who died last year from a brain tumour, and may well have benefitted in some way from this unit, had it been in existence, and thirdly, I myself have a brain tumour.  I am hoping that the collection of three reasons will be enough to have people falling over themselves to dig deep into their pockets to give me all their hard earned dosh............  If you have anything similar that you can think of, try that.  If not, perhaps you could help me raise money for the National Hospital too???!?  www.nhdf.org.uk
  • Stevie G,

    I did the great south run this year for the British Limbless Ex-Service Mens Association.  They spend very little on advertsing but are a worthy cause. They send great information packs and letters you can show people and the running vest it good quality. They do alot of research into prosthetics and receive no Government funding.

    They look after those that not only lose limbs but lose the use of a limb, they also look after those that have lost eyesight. I dont know if you saw the programme wounded which followed the stories of two guys who lost limbs, the one that lost 3 limbs has already been taken skiing by BLESMA.

    For example £25 will pay for the welfare officer they need to visit them to give them vital information and support, especially for finances as the best people to give advice are those that have gone through what that person is going through. £50 would pay for a ski bob, even the most severley disabled can go skiing,

     I was really pleased picked this charity and because of all the people coming back from conflicts  with limbs missing I found that the people I worked with dug deep for me,


  • Don't bother, Zoe.

    The previous poster resurrected a 5 year old thread for reasons best known to her.

  • Crikey just seen the date 04!!!
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