dark enjoyable void

hi folks,
is it just me or do other people prefer running in the dark?

I seem to concetrate better and drift away into my own world

but it was warm tonight, different story when its raining!



  • Me too. I saw the title of your posting and knew exactly what you meant :) It's not that I dislike running in daylight, but there's a certain intimacy about running alone in the dark that I enjoy from time to time.
  • hey piglet, think we might have to get used to it cus them nights are shortnin'

    hope it ain't too cold this winter

  • I agree. I enjoy the feeling of solitude and feeling invisible. I have worked hard at not feeling self conscious, being slightly overweight and unable to find a sports bra which prevents bounce, bounce bounce - but in the dark don't have to make any effort. However, just to be awkward, after a week of running in the dark after work, I do enjoy getting out in daylight on a Sunday morning!
  • Can I join the dark club too? So far I love running in the dark (and the rain too), and it's great running past people in cars stuck in a traffic jam. Although it was a bit scarey last night with fireworks exploding all over the place...
  • I must say I enjoy it in the dark too !
    The end seems to come quicker because I can't run in my glasses and therefore cannot see the finish line !Brilliant. It is a bit sliipy though with all these dead leaves etc on the paths
  • Flanders...DOH
    Who let you in here!

    I know what you mean about running in the dark though...If ive gone through one of those 6 month running sabaticals that I seem to take rather regurlarly I have to wait until its dark on an evening before starting again.
    In the dark nobody can see you wobble.
    Hoping its very dark tonight as I'm venturing onto a track for the first time...I want to run with a sign that says 'I know I'm slow but....honest i'm just a fun runner'
  • I have to agree about running in the dark nights - it is different. I even find that I'll go out more happily in the rain in the dark than I will when it's light.
    I have a theory that the endorphin release we all get ehrn we're running off sets the depression that you can get because of the dark nights and short days.
  • I also agree about running in the dark, I find it a lot more comfortable than when it is lights (ie you can make silly faces when your trying hard and no-one can see!)Also for the last few years when the clocks have changed I find I get really down and abit depressed. Its dark when I get up dark when I get home due to travelling to and from work but this year I have been running and I feel great apparently my doc mentioned SAD which I was really skeptical at but it DOES affect a lot of people. In Sweden it is a recognised illness as they have so much hours of darkness in winter.

    The darker and cooler nights are a favourite with me for running.
  • I always find I can run faster in the dark. Or it feels that way...
  • Not tried this one yet - but just sitting here looking at a beautiful red sky as the sun goes down, and feeling very inspired - I'll be out there in an hour. Tell you what I think tomorrow!
  • sorry to sound really boring but what about from a safety point of view? That has always stopped me from venturing out too late..
  • Point taken I always run in well lit street/areas NEVER anywhere I think is dodgy. I do a run along a cycle trail but only when it is light ie in the morning/afternoon on weekend.

    I thought the dark nights were going to be a problem safety wise but so far I have been fine running around areas I know well. I won't go out after 8pm either, I try and go out after i get in from work.

    Re another safety issue running in the dark means you need to be seen and i have nearly bumped into people cos they can't see me hence running gear with reflective materials wisely needed!!!!
  • Dear all,
    I have recently bought some reflective strips from the local bike shop and I put these on wrists and ankles when I go out. Like the rest of you I only go where there is street lighting as I'm afraid I trip over anything as much as anything else. Mind you I had a great run last night at dusk and that was nice too.
    This running thing really gets you out at some lovely times of day ... dawn...dusk you name it!
  • On the subject of reflective clothing I'd just like to say I nearly ran over 2 people last night who were on a country road walking their dog. I only saw them when they were about 10 metres away and thats only because the dogs eyes reflected my car headlights. The were nearly invisible
  • Can anyone tell me how you put a picture next to your posting. I am a bit behind with these computer thinggies!
  • Made it out for my first'after dark' run last night and it was great! I loved the feeling of being almost invisible so to speak and I am sure I ran faster - must be the scare factor as it's a bit creepy after dark!The only problem was wet leaves and how to avoid them but it's minor. Happy running - off again to night.
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