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Hi There,
I have been a bit busy lately, and have missed quite a few threads here. Hope all your training plans are going ok? I have started the 100 day half marathon plan, for beginners. It was in the printed copies of RW this summer.. It is going ok so far although I am finding it hard to keep to the allocated days, and have ended up swapping days - as long as it gets done.... I have been trying the treadmill too as it is really the only chance I have during the week, and it is safer than running out in the dark. I do find it difficult to deal with the differences between treadmill and road.

Any suggestions to help with my training? I have applied to do the York Brass Monkey 1/2 in january... sometimes wonder if I am totally mad... :-)

Do enjoy the sense of achievement as I cross another milestone though. Nothing quite like it!

Take care



  • Go-Slow

    At least the treadmill doesn't have a vertical setting for the Pennine hills you skoot round - should be a doddle for you :-)

    Like you my running is dropping off a bit because of the dark nights & unlit pavement-less roads (scared myself stupid a few weeks ago when I went out early evening & it got dark faster than I expected, even though I was only out for 30 mins). Unlike you I haven't got any targets for the new year yet (2004 London marathon is still ultimate goal), thanks for the reminder it's given me a nudge in the right direction.

  • Thanks evil pixie - I will keep going!

    Nick - I have devised my own cunning way of dealing with our Pennine hills.. (Well, it works on routes that have regular spaced lamp posts) - I run between two lamp posts, then walk between the next two, then run, etc till I can extend the running distance with shorter recoveries.

    I hope that translates - I have just read it back and it sounds ridiculous! But it does work for me, and there is a killer hill on my long sunday run. (I have absolutely no choice regarding hills from my house!) It makes the hills bearable, and by running between 3 posts, with 1 recovery, you have already improved.
    I hope eventually to get up the hill with no staggering, but think it might be a long way off :-)

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