Belly button Problem

Wierdest thing. Went out for a wonderful 10 miler on Sunday. My navel stung when I had my post run bath. Woke up the next morning with an open sore in my belly button! Can't work it out but it must have got chafed while I ran - but I don't remember any pain or anything. Anyway, its beginning to heal after three days of Savlon and plasters but now the area covered by the plaster has had some kind of reaction and is very red and sore. How can I protect it during my run today?

Thanking you in advance...


  • I think the answer to any question on this forum is generally....

  • Or a crop top.
  • If it was the tie on your shorts, don't tuck it in but as mentioned before Vaseline works!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Also,while it's still an open sore try Sudacrem. It's meant for nappy rash but it really works on chafing injuries as well.
  • Thanks for all your help guys.

    What about protecting it while it heals?

    Do you know, I hadn't thought of Sudacrem and we've got a huge pot in the cupboard.

    Take it you're a Mummy then LizzyB, how are the kid(s) finding the cold?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    DD- Actually not a mummy! But I know about Sudacrem cos when I had a similar problem to yours (but mine was due to getting my belly button pierced!), a friend (who is a mummy) advised Sudacrem as a solution. Really worked!

    PS But Iceland is a truly great place for kids - very safe, very child friendly, and very little traffic. And lots of sledging.
  • Daisydog - why don't you get a non-stick gauze patch to cover your belly button and surrounding skin and stick down with micropore tape - generally friendlier to skin than a normal plaster.
  • Nobody should be without Sudacrem and Baby wipes! Baby wipes will remove almost any stain and Sudacrem will sort out almost any skin soreness. I also use vasaline and, on longer runs, have more than a passing resemblance to those cross channel swimmers covered in lard (or whatever). As I get older I find that rubbing on the vasaline is more enjoyable than the running.
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