Ironbridge Sexarathon 4

Can anyone advise as to where this race starts and what the course is like, as I am working in Telford next week and fancy a run out?


  • The race starts in the car park by the Ironbridge. Very easy to find drive to Ironbridge and park you'll see plenaty of runers around on the night. sugest arrival by at least 6:30 for parking and registering. You can enter on the night at the Tontine Pub by the ironbridge. Race starts at 7.30 - it follows the river path and is quite flat mainly on track or tarmac, there is a footbridge to cross over. Normally about 120 or more runners. Hope this is of use.
  • errrr.. is this event what i think it is /:/
  • I have to admit - it is one of those headlines that just draws one in...
  • i'm lookin forward to the piccies best
  • lol

    it's the training that intrigues me...
  • wot?
    it's just running dear
  • Ohhh, you built my hopes up, only to dash them again. Ho hum.
  • he does that.
  • I thought DB would have commented by now with that title.

  • <Wabbit enters and scratches her 'ead?>

    Can I ask a question please?

    This event obviously includes swimming, running and cycling but I'm confused. What's the fourth one?

    Ahem..... Surely what I am thinking is wrong??

  • Halo many thanks - I shall let the children carry on with the forum:-)
  • I expect there will be lots of entries on the day.
  • [titter]
  • Hi Wrinty - its a good race, if you decided to give it a go have a good one.

    For the others on the forum - see how much fun there is to be had in Shropshire. Some runners have been involved in Sexarathons for twenety years or so!! Now you need stamina for that.
  • Viagra more like.
  • Halo, Found the race start OK last night with your directions, so I gave it a shot, but was rather disappointed with my time of just over 26 minutes.

    There seemed to be lot more undulations than expected and a rather severe descent just before two miles, which we then had to turn through 180 degrees on and run back up, with a steady climb to the finish.
  • This was my first ever competitive event years and years ago.

    >>small sniff of nostalgia<<
  • Hi Wrinty

    Glad you made it, but it was unfortunate the course had been changed due to the Coalport bridge across the river being closed for repair. This meant it was not possible to cross the river as in the normal course. So the out and back run was ok but must have been bit disheartening for some slower runners to be passed by the leaders on who were on the way back at 3 mile point whilst they were only at 1 mile mark.

    Anyhow next sexarthon race is 5K in Telford Town park towards the end of August if your interested.
  • By the way my time was 28.10
  • so is anyone going to tell me what this kind of race involves?
  • Errrr... you cross the river twice if I remember right.
  • so you get your feet wet? pffft.
    so why the name?
  • No, bridges. It's a sexarathon because it's a series of six. If it's still the same you get a teeshirt only if you do all six - I've got two from the mid-nineties.
  • Hope people don't mind me mentioning on here but am putting on a race for my daughters special school at meerbrook in staffordshire over 15k on september 19th on a testing course if anyone would like to come and support us you will be made very welcome more info e-mail

    entries online at

    many thanks!
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