Recover time after first marathon.

Hi All

I completed my first marathon last week (Dublin) in 3.48 and I'm now very keen to get back out running, however, I have been told to have two weeks complete rest. What is everyone's thoughts on this?


  • Where were you then Chris ORourke - you could have had such a good time with us. Honest.
    I ran Dublin 3:42, and went out for the first time last night, a very short run that nearly killed me. Apparently it's a day's rest for every mile or something...there's a piece on this website on it. Basically, take it easy for three weeks, and do some light easy exercise like swimming. However, if you like us you'll be back to running again sooner than that. I suppose the key is listen to your body!
  • Would tend to agree with the advice.
    When you start running again keep the distance and speed down for a couple of months. Leave it longer before the first race above 10K.
    I ran New York last November, started training and racing too soon. Ended up missing most of this year through a knee injury.
  • I am trying to take it easy after Dublin aswell just a couple of short runs so far, with no side effects yet, but I will be trying a bit of x-training for a couple more weeks.
    What I would like to know from the marathon vets is will I have to start from scratch again for my next one in March? When will my "endurance" fade even more than it already has?
    Maybe that is a different thread altogether, sorry Chris.
  • I am in Snickster's "listen to your body" camp.

    Ran my first Marathon 10 days ago (3:19), felt good after 2 rest days, so started with a gentle hilly run on day 3 - slight leg heaviness uphill, but nothing sore. Next day, no stiffness at all and I am now training again at a normal level.

    I guess I have'nt fully recovered yet, so no races or runs over 10 miles for at least another 10 days - and I am being careful to "listen" for any aches and pains.

    Time will tell if this is too fast, it took me longer to recover this much after a hot, hilly PB half marathon earlier in the year.
  • I felt fine a couple of days after Dublin and am just easing back slowly into training, but a couple of good days this week, Monday an easy 5 mile run, Tuesday 30 min gym rowing session and today again 25 min rowing some weights and 2 mile slow run on the treadmill and now I have a slight ache in my right knee so nothing for me for the next 2 or 3 days.
    When will I ever learn?
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