Nike Zoom Air Eldoret

Hi everyone, long-time-no-post....

Anyone got a release date on these,

Nike Zoom Air Eldoret

(More info can be found on US site, under competion shoes)

they look like they's suit me perfectly... well for shorter stuff anyway...

Any thoughts retailers?...



  • Try startfitness from the link on the right
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    you mean the spikes, don't you? these have been released for quite a few weeks in the UK I think, most retailers should have them by now if they stock Nike spikes
  • Nah, I dont mean the spikes. Have a look at the 'Is Speed Inherrited' Nike adverts currently circulating in the UK Running press for the Nike Zoom Miler Trainers, and on the US NikeRunning website or the Japanese NikeRunning website for the Eldorets. Both are of interest...
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