Recovery Drinks

A colleague of mine swears by some recovery drink that he gets mail order. Supposedly it contains amino acids and creatine amongst other things although is quite expensive.

Has anybody else used these sorts of things and do you notice any positive benefit ?

My current favourite recovery drink contains complex carbohydrates derived from hops mixed with a mild sedative but it doesn't produce any noticeable training benefit.


  • Tee hee.

    I sometimes use the chocolate Rego stuff. Not for every run, but for my longer ones. Seems to stop my legs aching anyway.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I use Rego after long and hard runs. It does make a difference, legs are noticeably less creaky the next day.
  • I use the zipvit version of rego. It's cheaper but tastes like vomit.
  • Slimfast is good too. Sometimes use them after races, but not thought to compare the prices vs Rego.
  • Do slimfast shakes really do the job - right balance of protein/carbs etc? That's a revelation. I'm gonna try that.
  • Coffee one tastes really nice as well.
  • I will vote for Rego too, but only take it after the harder runs. I've tried slim-fast, nourishment, but they dont seem to quite hit the spot like Rego.
  • I drink Pro-Recover at the moment after long runs. I think it helps - combined with a cold bath it means that I feel quite comfortable and can even do a speed session the day after a 20 miler LSD.

    But it's so expensive - I think I'm going to try some long runs without it and see how I feel the next day on just the cold bath.
  • Rego after long or hard sessions
  • but Cougie is warped cos the chocolate stuff is horible :o/
  • vyomax protein mixed with maxi carbs and skimmed milk,taken after long runs.

    viper energy/endurance drink for before/after copetetive runs.
  • I have Boots isotonic drinks before and after a long run. Seems to stop me getting the headache I always used to get with water.
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