blocked at one hour

Can anyone help? I started running in June and have progressed to 30mins three times a week in the gym (some hills) and two one hour outdoor runs. I go slower outside (the opposite to what others seem to find!) and do about 10-11 minutes miles I think (running in a park, so not sure of distance). Cardio wise I am loads fitter - do cross trtaining and weights x3 per week - but I find on my outdoor runs that my legs just give out by an hour. I can't seem to push them any further, have tried doing an extra 5 mins, and running without a watch, but no joy. I want to do a half marathon next year and the FLM in 2004, but can't imagine how. Any ideas please......


  • The block will be as much psychological as physical so give this a try: -

    Run 30 mins + walk 5 +run 30
    Run 31 mins + walk 4 +run 30
    Run 31 mins + walk 3 +run 31
    Run 32 mins + walk 2 +run 31
    Run 32 mins + walk 1 +run 32
    Run 65

    This will take your session immediately to 65 mins but you will only be running 2 x 30 mins until the 6th outing and by then you will realise that you can keep going that extra time

    Good luck

  • Hi Diana,

    Don't despair :) Will's advice is great. I just wanted to mention that this time last year I found it difficult to get beyond an hour, but it just becomes easier as you gain experience, and more miles in your legs. Just keep steadily at it - using Will's suggestion as a way over the immediate difficulty - and I'm quite sure that you'll find everything falling into place :)

    Also (and I know this doesn't work for everyone), I find listening to music helps me enormously when I'm running alone. It's just a thought.
  • thanks for the encouragment. I have been a bit wary of the run-walk thinking that if I stop to walk I might never get going again! but I'll try it. It's my knees that hurt when I run after a walk break - but then it's my whole legs that give up after an hour so it is definitely something I'll try.
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