Skin Suits


I've been trying to buy a skin suit for the past few weeks, but none of my usual places have any. Can anyone advise on anywhere that has any? I'm London based so would prefer something pretty local, but happy to buy on the Net also.

What size fit should I go for in a skin suit? I'm a size 4 in normal kit.

Any comments on short sleeve versus long sleeve? I remember reading in C+ a few months ago that Mr. Burrows advises that though the pros wear long sleeves that he would advise on short sleeves.



  • Is this for racing in ? Cos I think you'll need a plain colour if you wanna ride TT's and BCF road races. They don't allow Pro Team kit.

    I'd try a size 4 then if that's what you take.

    I'd go for Short sleeves myself. Thats what mine is. Long sleeve might be a second or two faster over 25 miles, but that's the price you pay for not looking as silly.

    Here ya go - Impsport - they made our club kit and are OK.
  • Good slogan cougie

    "Impsort - We make their club kit and are ok. Give us a thought next time you're looking for kit from a company that's ok......cause that'll be us."

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    multi - for one moment there I thought you wanted to buy a Speedo sharkskin suit for swimbling.........

    ........then I realised you don't swim......

    wonder what the aerodynamic effect of one of those Speedo suits would be like in air???

  • LOL, FB!

    I could just see me down at the local evening 10 in my Speedo sharkskin!!

    Nice one, Cougie!

  • I did see if Probike kit had a Bianchi one, but couldn't see anything. :-(
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    I think Hannibal Lecter had a friend who tailored skin suits, lived in the US though.
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