Buxton Carnival 5

Just how hilly is it?


  • The first mile and a half is a steady climb with a quite steep bit followed by a flattish mile. Then a steep downhill and a short steep climb to around mile 3. Then a downhill section to around 4. And to finish there are 2 short climbs in the last mile. But the best bit is that the start and finish runs through the streets of Buxton where there will be loads of spectators. If you decicde to run be careful not to go off too fast and I hope you have a great race.
    Good Luck
  • anyone know what the pace is like in this race?
    Would i be left behind finishing in around 40 minutes?

    Any views appreciated.
  • I think 40 minutes is a very good time for the race. I wish I could do it in that right now. People of all abilities will be there. Give it a try i'm sure you will enjoy.
  • I am a member a Buxton AC. And a helper with the race. To all those who run we wish good luck and hope you enjoy the day.
    Any feedback would be welcome. You can post here or E-Mail me.
  • I've got some previous years' results (2002 and 2003) on my site so you can have a look at the times there, if that helps.

    click this link to go to the results index then select the race
  • and I hope that Robert will send me the 2004 results after the race as well! Hope the weather is kind to you all.
  • Pete Lambert-My best 5mile time is 41 mins in a very flat race so I'll be behind you.
    Thanks for the info on the race John.
    Does anyone know if there are still places left if I want to enter on the day?
  • There will be places available on the day for sure.
  • Thanks John, hope to see you there.
  • I hope there will be lots of other people running MUCH slower than 40, like 60 plus.....otherwise I'll have no-one to chat to at the back!! And that's one of the best bits for me - the socialising
  • Hope people don't mind me mentioning on here but am putting on a race for my daughters special school at meerbrook in staffordshire over 15k on september 19th on a testing course if anyone would like to come and support us you will be made very welcome more info e-mail meerbrook15@aol.com

    entries online at http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/events/viewevent.asp?sp=&v=2&EN=22340

    many thanks!
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