Darkside, Nightside or just scared

75% Nightside 20% Darkside 5% Lurker

Results may be punlished in 24 HRS - I'm off to the pub.


  • or maybe the results will be punished, possibly published - failing that i may write them into a small poem
  • Wolf pack's prowling about from DS to NS and back. Depends what time you draw the line. As we're in darkness an hour earlier than you - probably mostly night shift.
  • You mean someone's keeping count????

    The only side to be on (if you can't get online before about 6pm)
  • I call nightside post 5 pm GMT
  • And i'm hammered beyond all recognition right now
  • Cool!

  • Barkles - a magnificent photo. What a handsome beast you've suddenly become.
  • Why thank you murf, and you look pretty damn good yourself.
  • ok I may be drunk, but you're all missing the point here - this is a strict consumer survey of forum preference.

    I mean Murf may look pretty damn good, but put away the charm barkles and get on with the voting. jeez - it's like getting blood out of a stone - money out of the monkey

    what can you do?
  • What are we voting on again??/

    I come when I can.
  • Can't do nightside..

    ..can't always do darkside but try when I can....
  • I think the Darkside is full of silly buggers who have nothing better to do than waste valuable space on an otherwise responsible, informative and mature site.

  • partial to a the odd bit of lurking now and again ! that's as far i dare go at the moment!
  • Bit of this bit of that. I'm easy (no comments please)
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