Rotated Pelvis

Can anyone out there help or give advice on this condition. The left side of my pelvis rotates up and back which in turn presses on my sciatic nerve. Currently doing yoga aswell to see if this alleviates the pain I am getting. At the moment feeling pretty fed up with constant niggly pain.


  • I'm currently visiting a physio for problems that seem rather similar - he says it's down to a number of things, one of which is a lack of core stability, and has me doing lots of Pilates style stuff (IMO very similar to yoga).

    Wouldn't like to give any specific advice - the cause of your problem may be completely different to mine. Has your problem been diagnosed by anyone, and if so, did they not advise what to do about it?

    I also have a problem with my left glute, so my hamstring is doing more work, leading to something that feels very much like sciatica.

    Any particular yoga moves that you find have helped you?
  • Iain I have had this problem for about 11 years now but was only diagnosed by a sports therapist in July. Before that I had been told by a physio that it was one of my lower back discs pressing on my sciatic nerve. I was told by the physio that this would get worse as I got older and continued to run (great). My sports therapist did recommend exercises to do every day regardless of whether I am in pain or not and they were all yoga based. If you can, try and get your hands on a Iyengar yoga book (this is practice I do), the principle of this type of yoga is stretching out muscles properly.

    By the way my hamstrings are appalling, both legs (yipee).

    A description of the poses wouldn't do it justice, it really is something you need to see someone else doing, otherwise you can do yourself a mischief!!
  • Karen, I see a chiropractor every 6 months to have my pelvis straightened out - like yours, the left side is rotated up and back. I've found this works for me.

    Good luck,
  • Thanks Karen - I alreadyy have a couple of Iyengar books - I think I can probably guess which asanas, but if you can give me the names I can look them up.

    Cheers, Iain
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