Anyone else spot this?

Found myself watching Robert Winston's prog on human instincts on BBC1 last night, while following the Everton score on Ceefax update (enjoyed it almost as much as Barkles must have done)....looks to me like the producer got away with a huge joke at the Beeb's expense.

As usual, various scenarios in the program were accompanied by appropriate background music - so, the bit where Winston measured his testosterone level in the course of watching the England-Argentina World Cup match on TV was accompanied by Led Zep's Kashmir - the Beeb World Cup theme.
So what are we to make of the bit on competitiveness amongst animals, which featured Winston chasing after, weighing and labelling a litter of (noisy) piglets, in order to illustrate that the heaviest ones always got to suck on the sow's best teats? The scenes were shown to the accompaniment of the "Duelling Banjos" theme from Deliverance!
What's the connection? If you've seen the film, there's only one I can think of.....


  • Wow, you're right... squeal like a piggy.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Clear your mind of those thoughts Mike! Surprised that the footy debate hasn't been too much to the fore this morning though.
  • Gavo

    It's the early rounds of a competition (Worthington Cup) that means little until you get v close to the final & have a chance of getting into Europe - I think that's why.
    Pleased we won, but concerned we had to play 120 mins with what would otherwise have been a q easy chance of 3 points (Charlton) coming up on Saturday.....
  • Come on lads, which cup would you rather still be in.... Worthnothington or Champions League?????
  • ask us again after you've played Feyenoord
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