Stretching in RW magazine

Anyone seen those dodgy looking bods doing stretching exercises in the new RW mag? Tried to sell it to Mrs Chimp but she was having none of it.

I see I'm going to have to get to races a bit earlier if this malarkey is going to take place.

Anyone know next years Race for Life dates yet??


  • Chimp, are you and the missus getting along ok at the moment? You'll be getting excited by the pictures on the front of "Carp World" soon.

    Hopefully someone intelligent will notice this thread and give you the answer to your Race for Life question.
  • Race for Life dates not released yet -they are being finalised.

    For info go to the CR UK banner at the top of the page and go to race for life pages and you can email them for info - they should send you dates when they are finalised.
  • There, I knew it would be someone intelligent.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Did anyone notice that the man was wearing a wedding ring and the woman wasn't? Was it a secret assignation in the park filmed by Runner's World? Or is stretching with our spouses dangerous and unhealthy and the RW police are subtly advising us not to do it but to pick up a total stranger instead?

    Just wondered, like.
  • Hi Chimp, have a look at the whole body stretches on this site. Click on the "health" tab and then scroll to the bottom (BTW scrolling to the bottom is NOT one of the stretches).
  • Who needs a running partner. I want a stretching partner - just like the pics. (no males need apply!)

    Jon W
  • Bloody hell DavidB. How did you find them? bet you used to look through the phone book looking for rude names when you were a lad. And I wont even start on your mum's catalogue!!!
  • LizzyB (are you married to DavidB??). Didnt notice the wedding ring but I did notice the female model had buttons in unusual places.
  • whats this kama sutra for runners who fit their lives around their running !

    least they havent got 70's beards and wooly hats!
  • Chimp, I have NetNanny and so must take my pleasures where I find them. I'm a downward facing dog man myself.
  • Weird. She doesnt look THAT bad!
  • Sorry Glenn, I never replied. Things have been a bit fraught ever since Mrs Chimp found my Jodie Swallow scrap book (thats Jodie Swallow the tri-athlete, not the other one!)
  • I certainly noticed there was a fair amount of peanut smuggling going on in those photos...

    Now all I need is an attractive female running/stretching partner. Any volunteers?
  • Venom. Why attractive?? are you an uglyist??
    They reminded me a bit of the dancers in Hi-de-Hi. Forget there names
  • can you see his peanut?
  • I know, I know, "their" names!!

    Bune, I'm sure if you asked nicely......
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