Hit a brick wall....

For the last few months I've been doing really well with my training doing varying runs from 3-10 miles through the week.

Now, all of a sudden I feel like I've hit a brick wall and seem to struggle at even 3 miles!!! I still force myself out but don't seem to be getting the enjoyment out of it that I did before?!

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what I could do to get out of this rut...? (apart from 'give up running')

Thank you.


  • Boing... Same here!
  • Try taking a break from running. Do some swimming or cycling, or try different machines at the gym.

    Should taken maybe a week to get back on track...

    Good luck!

  • Overtraining maybe? In which case take a break. Or maybe just general tiredness caused by something not related to running, like work stress or fighting off a bug.
  • Thanks MM - maybe will try that

    Iain - I think the latter could be right but I fear that if I do take a break that it will take me ages to get it back. BUT if I do what MM suggests then the fitness will be retained......(think I just answered that one for myself didn't I?!)


    ps shouldn't you be changing your hat soon?
  • I have the same feeling really, I'm sure at the moment I only run to justify myself using these forums!
    I think you just have to run through it and then eventually, everything will feel right on a particular run and you’ll remember why you do it.
    Maybe a race, or a pb to train towards?
  • Yeah, I recently went through that and I'm just coming out the other side. I was apprehensive of every run and even though I enjoyed it while I was out there I started dreading my next run as soon as I got back. For me the season, the dark and the cold has got something to do with it and then after Windsor I felt I should keep my long run at 13.1 miles (BUT THAT'S TWO HOURS!!!!)
    Ahem, and it's difficult to fit in. All my runs were getting longer and longer, minimum being 6 miles and that takes TIME.

    So what I did is after over a week of not going out (too cold, too wet, too dark) I went out with my dog, didn't take a note of the time and thought I'd see how far I'd get. And the answer was 7 miles of blissful, pleasurable running. Then on Sunday I went out on a new route and again did a really nice 10 miler. I'm trying to forget about training and pressure and remember the feeling mid run, when you're warmed up, legs are going like pistons, breathing's fine and you're just following the road... Also trying to do some intervals on the treadmill in a 35 min session - much nicer now I realise it's okay to crawl on your hands and knees between intervals.

    So I'd say, leave your watch at home and just run for a bit until you want to come home. Shorten one or two sessions if every session is getting so long it's not possible to fit it into life.

    Good Luck

    (Just have to ask, that mark on your leg, obviously no longer your thong darling - is that a bruise from when you hit that brick wall?) ;O)
  • Foxy,

    Good advice from DD and MM..

    You might also just want to try doing something different. Speed intervals or hills or fartlek, just to break up the monotony...

    Otherwise I recommend as DD says to go out and run without a watch, try to get offroad and just enjoy the day and the fresh air...

    ...it'll soon come back..

    All the best,

  • Greeny, a race would be nice.... something to aim for but at present there is nothing on the horizon (apart from the forest frolic and that's hardly a race is it?!)

    DD - yes, the mark is a war wound!!! and it all sounds like great advice and now my dilemma is which one to follow???

    It's ever since I was primed for the Stroud 1/2m and never made it that I have gone downhill.... maybe it's all psychological?
  • Come to the Windsor Christmas Cracker......
  • I'm seriously considering it RB.
  • Foxy
    Forest Frolic.
  • Definitely Mr B you stag you!
  • Completey forgot to add that I had possibly one of the best (i.e most enjoyable) sessions when I tried a new route. It was amazing. I felt so exhilerated afterwards it took quite a while to come down!

  • Barkles...Windsor for you too???
  • Hope so....
  • Foxy quite often I have too many commitments or just can't be a!!!ed over the weekend, but come Monday I'm really looking forward to some exercise and even though I'm knackered (early start Monday) I usually have really good workout. Maybe you just need a few days R & R.
  • Hi Foxy, agree with everything that's been said but thought I'd share my routine with you. I haven't got a rountine. There, I've confessed! But, I'll tell you what, I'm running faster and further these days.

    I run 3 times Mon-Fri and then a long run on Sunday. On the weekday runs I will do any or all of the following; intervals, fartlek, tempo run, hill session on the treadmill, steady run up a fixed gradient on the treadmill, outdoor run. My long run is usually on the roads but I try to vary my routes. Sometimes, I get to run on the Farthing Downs but only if hubby is feeling kind 'cos he comes and walks around while I run (too many strange people around to run alone up there!)

    Hope that helps and hope you decide to come to Windsor.

  • WW - I think R&R is definitely on the cards somewhere...........

    Suzie - thankyou, I was doing pretty much the same as you and should get back on track (maybe after a little break) as I desperately want to run faster (maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself to get there sooner.....)

    You are all great!! At least I know it's pretty normal to feel this way at times

    Thanx xx
  • Perhaps all of the cr@ppy weather we've been having lately is getting you down? It's certainly making me very sad! Still, now I find that when there's a dry day, I just have to go for a nice (albeit short) run. Try dodging the clouds!
  • Try this.

    Pig out with a Christmas size bar of Cadbury Fruit & Nut - all pound and a half of it - don't share it - all in one go.

    You'll have such a guilt complex, you'll wont want to wait five minutes to get out there and run it off.

    Keep repeating the medecine every two days.

    If it doesn't work, put up a piccy of Billy Bunter, change your name to fatso, and come back here for more advice.
  • Snoop? You haven't been working have you?
  • Some of us have pay taxes to keep you civil servants in ur inflation proof pensions, Jon - washed them trousers yet?
  • Like the thought of the Fruit & Nut.... (in one go?) this sounds like very scientific advice so I must give it a go! Thanks Snoopster!
  • hey Dawg! I ain#t no civil servant!
  • You're welcome fair maiden!
  • Taking today and tomorrow off. If I don't, I dread to think what Brighton will be like!

    To be honest to myself, I hve pushed myself pretty much to the limit over the last week or so, so a rest is what I need! Possibly still feeling groggy from being ill too
  • Not compensating for not drinking i hope
    Relaax man
  • Hi Foxy

    Am I right in guessing that you are a lady? If so, this may be relevant. I have had rubbish runs for the past 2 months. I thought that I was tired from some long training that I did in the summer, but resting for a few days didnt seem to help. Even short half hour runs are an effort. Trying to run at any kind of speed makes my legs burn and I feel terrible. Eventually I had a word with the coach at my club and he suggested that I may be anaemic. As luck would have it, I went to give blood yesterday, after giving with no problem 3 months ago, and was told that I couldnt give as my iron was too low. The nurse said it was ok for 'normal life' but too low to give blood (it was 11.5 and had to be 12)

    When I looked on the internet for information, there was some good sites and they said that even a slight lack of iron from 'your' normal level (which has in the past, from blood being taken at pregnancy, been 14) will make a difference to running performance. One point I found very interesting was that lack of iron causes lactic acid to build up quicker, which may have been the burning pains in my quads?

    Perhaps you should have an iron test?
  • Foxy

    Thanks for posting this thread. It's good to read all this advice, all of it makes sense and I'm going to try and remember it for my next brick wall. It's interesting and comforting to know that my recent lack of enthusiasm has been mirrored by fellow Forumites all over the country.

    Particularly like the advice about chocolate - does it have to be Fruit and Nut or would it be as successful with a LARGE bar of Toblerone?
  • The test you need for iron deficiency is a Ferritin test, as well as testing your haemoglobin(11.5-13.5)
    Mind you, iron tablets are dreadful to take.I cant do it
    Anyone recommend a decent preparation?
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