Cool Wrap

In this months RW there is an atricle 'Getting fitter every day' that mentions (in No.6) the above website.

I thought brilliant just what I need. So immediately found the website, ready all about the product, and tried to order on line, but was unable to. So tried to telephone my order through instead, but the number is constantly engaged.

Has anyone out there tried to order one to ??
Does anyone know if you can buy them in the shops .. and if so which shops ??


  • Julia, I think these people do something similar:
  • Thanx Mo ... have ordered something similar, but not sure it's as good as the coolwrap, so will keep trying the website and telephpone number.
    RW should have checked out this website b4 advertising it in an article.
  • try going

    it was a lucky guess, but it is the page you want - if you still want it.

    not cheap is it?
  • And I have sent an e-mail to the company to tell them their link doesn't work.

    Always a nice idea I think - otherwise they may never know.
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