Interval sessions

Is there anywhere on the internet that has some recommendations for how to structure a track interval training session for distance running. Ideally something that will give an idea not only the distances to run, how many times and what rest to take but what pace these should be run at.

I've not explained that very well. What I mean is - if I am looking to run a half marathon in 1:30 - and the session has me doing say, 4 * 400 metres - what is the sort of pace I should be running those 400 metres - should it be my 5k pace, my 10k pace, faster, slower or what?

I'd really appreciate anyone pointing me in the direction of this kind of information - or if they want to chip in with their own suggestions as to a basic routine it would be gratefully received.


  • The way I work it is,

    My interval length depends upon the aim of the session: to improve 1/2m and 10milers I run 1 mile intervals, for 10k I run 1k intervals for anything shorter I do 400m

    The speed again is govern my the race distance I want to improve for example

    Target = 10mile improvement
    Current Time = 63mins (I wish)
    Target Time = 60mins


    1mile intervals
    Target Speed = Target Time / race distance = 60/10 = 6min / mile

    Warm up 15mins
    Intervals (starting at 5, increasing 1 per week) with 120-150 seconds rest
    Warm Down

    I also may reduce rest time as I progress

    Also instead of miles you can use other distance but the theory is the same

    Good Luck

  • I must be lazy - well compared to Will I am.

    Go to (Amercian version of our very own Runnersworld)
    Under training click on - Training Plans and then go to - We've got your number.

    This gives you training schedules for 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon, with sessions and what pace you should do them at for your target time.

    Its much easier than working it our yourself.

    Hope this helps

  • You lost me a bit there Will - but it has been a long day. I will read that again in the morning.
    Tried the track for the first time last night! Now need some structure.
    I will try the web site Lanny

  • everyone's gone interval crazy, all of a sudden. can't remember when there were so many simultaneous interval threads.

    if you really want to try some serious intervals, try out the one I'm looking at right now. it's by Frank Horwill on the Serpie website called "shaping up to the 10K challenge". basically it's a ten day cycle that you repeat over and over in which you're essentially doing intervals EVERY OTHER DAY, apart from one "aerobic run" of 13 miles.

    anyone else fancy having a go? I think I might just make it to day seven before succuming to complete and catastrophic musculo-skeletal overload.
  • I've looked at this one before Achilles.
    I agree that by day seven a brief stay at the local NHS hotel will be required.

    Frank's articles do tend be aimed at very advanced/elite athletes but are adaptable.

    I have used the Vo2 max routine and found it to be pretty good.

    Well worth having a look at it for info Regarding intervals Popsider.

  • Also,have a look at this

    If you've not been to the above site before,you may find yourself spending quite a lot of time on it!
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