Wobble Boards

I have (as usual) sprained my ankle. Does anyone know where in London or online I can get a decent one?



  • Try Rolf Harris he should have a few old ones he may let you have at a knock down price
  • That was mildly funny. Congratulations.
  • Actually that was funny..............what the hell is a wobble board? (I don't mean Rolf type board, so not a word beerbellyblues............)
  • try www.physiosupplies.com (under abdominal/corestablility equipment). That's where I got mine!
  • www.physiosupplies.com is a good starting place

    maybe also www.innovations.co.uk

    large circle of wood with a ball type stand underneath - you stand on it and it wobbles - strengthens the ankle joint as you try and stop yourself falling off !
  • great minds think alike, bune!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Or make one yourself - 30 cm of broom handle and a bit of 7-ply and a couple of nails. Oh, and a strong man to make it for you. Unless you are the strong man!
  • I'll settle for mildly funny anytime..better than being offensive
  • i'm going to buy one, I turned my ankle last year carrying some heavy gear, it's never been quite right since. Ta for answering thw question.
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