Is this a hoax?

This has all the tell tale signs of being yet another hoax - can't find any reference to it in the usual hoax directories: -

"Please pass on.
This is from a Manchester Police Officer.
Imagine you walk across the car park, unlock your car and get inside. Then you lock all your doors, start the engine and shift into reverse. You look into the rear-view mirror to back out of your parking space and you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window.
So,you unlock your doors and jump out of your car to remove the paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view.... When you reach the back of your car, that is when the car-jackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off.
Your engine would be running (Ladies would have their handbag in the car) and they practically mow you down as they speed off in your car.
Just drive away and remove the paper from your window later and be thankful you read this notice.
PLEASE inform all friends and family, especially women. A handbag contains all identification and you certainly do not want someone knowing your home address, as they already have your keys!!!"

Has any one come across this?


  • Probably a hoax.
  • seen several similar ones to this - all hoaxes
  • "Your engine would be running"

    errrr.. no it wouldn't!
  • Probably, though as a woman I'm always very careful in car parks, particularly at night

  • I thought you were a...

    Never mind.
  • It is a hoax. There was a similar one doing the rounds not long ago with almost exactly the same sort of wording.

    Its a form of chain letter designed to gum up corporate email systems as folks send them around.

  • It's a good idea though, thanks Graham.
  • lol DavidB - not just a dirty mind are you!!
  • my car doesn't have a rear windscreen wiper
  • my car does not have a windscreen
  • It's plastic bags on the front of the car you need to be careful about.
  • Oh Monique!
  • Anyway... Benson, get yer A*** in gear and sort out my (rather fetching) photo... Tsk! Do some people EVER work?!
  • Jon,

    There's no way that photo can go up on the site. That's disgusting!

  • Please... I beg on your mercy.
  • ThankyouDanielson!

    How's the knee?
  • you'll be glad to hear that I happily ignored all the advice given to me!

    nah, I went to see some specialist (in knees, not just your average specialist) and he gave me some exercises to do.

    The pain has gone, but I've got a cold so can't run anyway.

    It was down to some sort of strength inbalance coupled with the fact that I used to have problems with my legs when I was kid.
  • Aha... Quad strength problems? I always ignore advice me! I'm a rebel!
    Graham - that con would never work on me. Countless times I've left a race and only notice all the bumph (race entry forms etc) under the front and rear windscreen wipers once I'm driving down the road. I leave them there until I get home.

    How are you, ready for a marathon yet?
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