Running shoes??

Hi there,
I overpronate and i need new running shoes for on and off road running.
Iam thinking of getting some Orthaheel inserts as i suffer heel pain etc.Does anyone have any ideas on what type of shoes i need,or whether i need the inserts? Advice appreciated.
Many Thanks.


  • Hello there,

    I think your best move would be to have your feet scanned, so that your chances of buying the wrong shoes for you would be highly minimised.

    I went to a "Sweatshop" in London, and there, I learnt invaluable information on the way my feet move and the kind of shoes I really need.

    I don't know whether you live nearby a branch. Browse their web site, , where you will find a list of all the branches in Uk. the scan is f.o.c. and it's soooooooooooo worth it!!

    good luck
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