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I've been running for 3 mths now, but I don't feel I'm improving. I started running to lose weight and shape up, but to no avail! I run 6 days a week (1x1hr at the weekend and 5x30mins other days) When I run I stick mainly to the same route - well lit areas, for safety reasons, but I'm becoming rather bored and I lack motivation. Afew words of wisdom/encouragement wouldn't go amiss.


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    There are a few things you could do
    - take some time off
    - try new exercises (swimmingg, cycling, gym, yoga, whatever)
    - try longer runs at the weekends
    - run with a partner or a group (if you post your area on here, there will be people in that area who can help)
    - enter a few races

    I'm sure there's plenty of other suggestions from people on here. By the way, loads of people get bored with running, especially if they can't see the results.

    good luck

  • Hi Jof
    Hey, dont worry, as you have been running for 3 months, there will be improvement, you probably lack confidence. This weekend run for 20mins, but this time a bit quicker than your normal pace. This will start the adaptation to your training. If you are getting board of the same route, then why not run it in reverse? Go to a gym, jump on a bike for 20 mins, then 20 mins power walking on a treadmill. With some imagination and veriety you will feel great. After a hard week of training treat yourself to a film, a walk, a relaxing night in etc.

    Do not become stale, smile and feel good about yourself. Remember you are healthy,and active, surely this is a very positive vibe.

    Have a good run tomorrow
  • Jof,

    The first six months I took up running were a real chore. I only kept at it because a friend and I had a bit of competition going about our first race.

    Get yourself a training program (even if you don't want to enter a race). It will add a bit of variety to your running eg get you doing temp runs, fartlek, intervals etc. It will also probably get you to rest more than you are doing. Your fitness will soar and (unless you increase your calorie intake drastically) your weight can only go one way - D0WN!

    Stick at it and I hope you will find that after a while (it was about 8 months for me)
    running will be part of what you do and instead of dreading going out for a run, you will be dreading something stopping you getting out for your run.

    Also, try some gadgets eg
    Heart rate monitor
    Music player (eg MP3 player) - find some tunes with different tempos to run to etc

    Changes in pace during a run helps relieve boredome and kicks inot some of those addictive brain chemicals.

    Hope this helps

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