Please does anyone know where/if its possible to go for a long weekend run in Toronto. I am currently working here, not for sufficiently long periods to go to a club but for a couple of weeks at a time on a regular basis. I run round the roads mid-week but am getting soooooo bored - flat and uninteresting. Wanted to know if there is anyone out there who knows if there are long enough paths along the lakeshore or somewhere like that where I can get the mileage in without being bored to death? Many thanks


  • Hi Lazybones.

    Try one of the Running Room stores in Toronto. I think all of them offer a free running club with a short midweek run on Wednesday evenings at about 6pm and a long run on Saturday mornings at about 8am.

    There are 5 Running Room stores in Toronto and you can get more details at this website:

    They cater for all levels of runner.

    Hope this helps.
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