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I'm completely new to running but I'm really enjoying it. I'm running 4/5 times per week at my local gym on the treadmill for 30 mins running 4km each session. I'm daring to venture out for my first 'real' run at the weekend!

I have set myself a goal to run a 10k race in February but I'm not sure whether this is too early? How do I train for a 10K?

Although I've only been running for 3 weeks I can already see a difference in my shape, my clothes feel baggier especially around the backs of my legs and bottom! But more importantly, I feel I have so much more energy and I actually enjoy getting up at 5.45am to go to the gym (How sad!!)



  • Enjoy
    Youll be fine for february if you keep training like this
    good luck, let us know how you get on:)
  • Catherine

    Great start. I've never run on a treadmill but people who started off indoors have said it took them a couple of runs to get used to outdoors - mainly because the air moves and your pace tends to vary slightly (the reason for saying this is, if it happens to you, don't worry it's totally normal - if it doesn't ignore me!)

    4km 4or5 times a week is on the heavier side of training for a start up so if you start to feel tired you might want to vary your pattern a bit in time (maybe dropping one but making one of the others slightly longer some weeks).

    With your work so far and obvious commitment & enthusiasm I can't see any problem with 10k in February - book it now (it'll give you something to focus on)

    Good Luck
  • Hi Cat and welcome! sounds like you're off to a flying start. I hope you have a great run at the weekend - running outside is in some ways easier than a treadmill because there's so much to look at (including lots of puddles if the weather holds up). Let us know how it goes!
  • Wel done, welcome to the world of the obssessed, ( many s's?)
    keep training and enjoy the feeling it brings, don't worry about 10k races,I've not sussed them yet, but I just love the running bit!
  • To train for a 10k I would make sure I was running outside twice a week, try and run up to 4 miles at your 10k pace once and maybe for an hour at below 10k pace once a week. Try and work out a target time for the race so you can figure out how fast to train - it will also be invaluable in pacing the race - anyone can do 10k at some pace - all you have to do is figure out yours and stick to it. Good luck.
  • Hi Catherine

    Welcome to the forum, you will find lots of help and encouragement here! Sounds like you are off to a cracking start with your gym work, I hope you enjoy your outdoor runs - I must say I much prefer them to the gym, as Meerkat says there is so much to look at!

    I am thinking about training for a 10K and have been looking at the schedules on Hal Higdon's website, the one for novices looks good, it is an eight week programme so if you are not racing until Feb you have got plenty of time to build up your base fitness before you start it.

    Good luck and keep posting

  • Hi Cat,
    I'm a new runner too. Isn't the sense of achievement brill?
    Last night I managed to run - albeit very slowly - up a hill I used to stop on when I was walking up it. Fantastic feeling. Like you I run very early, about 6.00am but outside, it does set you up for the day.
    Well done you, going so far so quickly, bet you're not carrying loads of excess lbs!!
    Lots of support and help all over this site.
    Haven't dared enter anything yet maybe early next year!
  • Catherine,

    Just want to add my welcome to the rest. This really is the best place to come for advice (both professional and anecdotal - I'm afraid you only get the second type from me!)

    With that in mind, I think you have made a great start with your treadmill work and your target of 10K is easily achieveable. However, it's easy to get hooked and build up too quickly, which inevitably leads to injury (in my case, shin splints).

    Just take your time and keep posting on the forum, good luck!
  • Welcome, welcome, welcome!
    I started on the treadmill back in February by walking then gradually worked my way up to run/walk for 5mins/5 mins at a slowish pace. In August I managed to start running continuously for 30 minutes and have progressed from there on.
    I can run 10km easily enough now so February should be no problem for you if you're running 4 km regaularly now. Gradually increase your distance week by week, doing a little more each time. Keep the treadmill on at least a 1% incline to mimic road running.
  • Best of luck Cat - just keep upping the lenght of the runs. If you're doing that many 4k's you should be fine for at least 6k by now.

    10k by Feb should be now problem - you could go a lot further than that. 10k by the end of the year I reckon.
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