Perverted uses for a hairdryer

yes, it's past the watershed, we can talk about these things - it's time to confess.

I blow dry my trainers. yes, it's true. it's disgusting, I know. what's got into me? I mean, I don't even blow dry my hair.

the instructions say don't put them on a radiator, don't put them in the airing cupboard. they tell us to "air dry" them. what does that mean? what are we supposed to do? they are forcing us into acts of the most shameful depravity. I mean, have you ever blow-dried your shoes? the smell defies description.

there's got to be a better way. help me, people. what do you do?


  • well Im a wuss, and I try not to go out in the rain

  • I know this is even more shameful than being a wuss and not going out in the rain but I sometimes have - in the past - put them in the tumble drier on low. I know now that that was unforgivable! Now that I read runners world. If there are no better suggestions I may try blow drying with a hair dryer.....
  • Wusses, leave em to stink!
  • Stuff em with newspaper and change it every hour or so,they wont shrink and they will dry quite quickly.
  • yes yes the newspaper thing really does work.
    You'd be amazed how fast they dry.
  • Do make sure you have read the paper first because it takes a lot of ironing afterwards.
  • Microwave on defrost, checking at regular intervals?
  • how come the first puddle of winter always seems to unleash the stench that has been trapped in them all summer long? why is men's navel fluff always blue?

    will try newspaper. this is getting serious.

    PM - remind me not to accept an invitation to eat at your place!
  • Achilles

    I have ducted air heating - its a god send
  • Must try the newspaper idea, after Saturday's x/country our airing cupboard door needed nailing shut with 2 pairs of wet spikes plus 2 pairs of wet trainers festering away in there. It stil stinks slightly even now....phew!!!
  • I thought all runners have a pair of trainers
    for each day of the week! Thus having no need to restort to such deviant behaviour as speeding the natural process of drying:-)
  • Even though I have waist-long hair, I don't even own a hair dryer! The newspaper trick definitely works, when I can get some. Otherwise, like yesterday, when I waded through the flooding Thames *twice*, I just left my sodden trainers outside my door, and turned on the radiator outside my room and left my socks on them. I must have offended my other housemates (not to mention God, as I live in a convent), but it was worth it. But later on, I felt really guilty, and brought the socks back in. The trainers, however, remain banished from my room.
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