Random Darksider/Nighsider Poll – Results

Note by pollster -

No animals were harmed in the making of this poll. I did run over a squirrel in my car today though. It may have been the one that's been attacking people recently, so i don't feel too bad.

I think if it's life flashed before its eyes before it died, and it saw nuts, trees and more nuts - not a bad life for a hippie or a squirrel really.


  • Godzilla - 75% Nightside 20% Darkside 5% Lurker

    - Obviously a reliable hardworking kind of guy – maybe too much time on hands – liable to start string, go to pub – come back hammered etc

    Ironwolf – Prowls between NS and DS – some time difference – nice photo though

    - Straight to the point no nonsense answer – also informative – amazing – definitely doesn’t work in sales

    Barkles – Comes when he can

    - wanders into survey, questions validity, gets sympathy from the pixie, charms Murf, forgets point of survey votes and gets out. – True Darksider, occasional nightsider

    The Evil Pixie – No Vote

    - Pixie asked Barkles if he was ok then dissapeared – very mysterious

    Psi – Nightsider

    - True Nightsider often seen around midnight – probably from Manchester or something – Often seen opening Daily training schedule in advance of more scaley forumites

    Murf – No Vote

    - Appeared and complemented Barkles on his newfound antlers (does this man’s charm ever dry-up - it seems not) – left without a trace

    Ratbag – Darkside Only

    - Not a nightsider – occasional darksider, nevertheless kingpin in this and many RW forums – prone to metamorphasis

    Jon. – No Vote

    - Expressed sober opinion of Darkside, possibly due to wooden banana incident? Who knows?

    Gareth L – Occasional Lurker

    - Legend has it that on very quiet times on the Darkside you can hear Gareths moustache rustle. He’s there, he’s just saying nowt.

    Wild Will – Mix and Match

    - Will’s got a hand in everything, dark, night, anywhere you go – mention his name and it’s like the batman beacon. Will is partial to the odd very small glass of apple juice.

  • Thats clear then....
  • well you gotta be clear about these things - charmer bit late at night for you B
  • Yeah, can't sleep... all that scrapping with the evil one
  • she's tough all right - those antlers must help
  • Yup, made her back off more than once..
  • 'stoo many active threads - i give up

    nite or morning - whatever!
  • good for you - apart from one scene in highlander your kind dion't get much coverage - I've got to get out of here before i stay all night - do the honours and start today's training log will you
    I can be aggressive when my Badger is threatened...
  • morning and night bune
  • Bloddy hell, that was a short day for Bune.
  • shocked me - theres no hanging around
  • If all bune's days last six seconds, that must make ol' bune and 1500 yrs old by bune standard time....
  • how many doggy dog years is that?
  • Well, so now we know
  • I think I know less than before.
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