Any views on how to run with blisters, and the best socks to prevent?

I did my longest run ever last sunday, about 11.5 miles in 2.25hr, absolutely delighted, my feet were a bit sore, nothing too bad, but when I got home was horrified to see 2 large blisters, (1 3/4 by 1 inch!!)on the arches of my feet just behind the ball. I popped them, soaked in salt water put on hydrocolloid type plasters, tried to run Thursday,in the gym, made it worse, they filled up with fluid, which seemed to get forced into the surrounding skin making bruises.

I have a 10k bank hol w/e and 1/2m 22 Sept. Any advice gratefully accepted!!
notsoh.s. :-((


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    As an emergency quick fix(i.e. if you really must run) I recommend covering the drained blister in surgical tape (much better than plasters) and a generous amount of vaseline.

    I've had the occasional blister on one particular toe and this method never fails to stop the friction being a problem.

    Socks wise. Have you tried twin layer socks; 1000 mile etc. Thorlos have a very good towelling lining which reduced rubbing but can be a bit too chunky.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Happy slug (you wouldn't be happy if you came into my garden!)

    I wear Thorlos lites which I've found quite good although I still sometimes get a blister on one particular toe.

    Should you always burst a blister?

  • thanks for that suzie and scotty - I have 1000 mile socks, thinnish 2 layer, I only wore them once only, I got a little blister where my big ones are now! I have taken the "buy your shoes roomy bit to heart",so chunky might be good, (I usually get on fine with my sainsburys thickish cotton socks - bin for them now!!) I might try my 1000 milers with padded over, plus the tape and vaseline until all heals. happy running! Dee
  • Further to earlier, re popping, I'm not sure if you should, but I should think you
    really shouldn't run with un-popped blisters, whatever protection, after seeing what happed to me, the bits around the blister where the fluid got pushed outwards is much worse than the original blister. Dee
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