Friday Session - 8 November

.. and terrible things come out at this time of night...

HORRIBLE things...

so horrible, they hide behind the national flag ;)

What: 6-7 miles fast bike.
Why: Recovering from foot injury.

Last hard: Yesterday - cycling in gale force winds, ow!
Last rest: Wednesday.


  • bu**er it! felt sure my insomnia tonight would at least allow me to get in before psi.

    What: nothing, no I mean really, not a thing, I'm literally going to shut down my PC as soon as I finish typing this and head straight to bed.
    Why: friday = day off
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest day: today
  • Terrible things also venture forth in the morning.. red eyed, unshaven monsters dragged from their lair at 05.30 by parental duty.

    What: 6 miles easy.
    Why: More hill reps yesterday.
    Last hard: Thursday.
    Last rest: Wednesday.
  • Morning all – Pi@@ing down up here in the Northeast

    Felt good last night being out in the wind – Changed my steady run to an Hours Fartlark – including ‘lamppost intervals’ hard efforts with recovers jogging back to the slower club runners etc – all in all an enjoyable session

    What : (AM) Spinning session (PM) circuit training
    Why : Recovery and Strength

    Last Hard Day : Yesterday
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

    Over the week end I intend doing:
    SATURDAY: long MTB ride
    SUNDAY : Long easy run

  • Morning all.

    What : Squash (AM) already done, what a work out that was MHR 189 big time rally.
    Followed by weights 2 sets on each body part very heavy reps 8.

    (PM) 8km run steady on road
    (PM LATER) 10K spinning, trying to get under 17 mins today.

    Why: Coz im nuts!!!!

    Last hard day: yesterdays spinning
    Last rest day: mon, tues, wed due to slight ankle niggle.

    Bed time. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Morning all. Dull, dreary and cold today - the Helly Hanson may make its first outing of the winter!

    What : 6m steady
    Why : Club night last night and kept up with one of the faster runners

    Last Hard Day : Tuesday
    Last Rest Day : Wednesday

    and Saturday and Sunday are

    Sat: Rest
    Sun: 10 mile race
  • "Give me sunshine, give me laughter..."

    what: Planned Purposeful Pain-inducing Periodic Purgatory (aka treadmill intervals)
    Why: I asked the question and therefore must suffer the consequences by putting into practice
    last hard day: Tues
    last rest day: Monday

    weekend - sat = rest, sun = not sure, possibly read these websites that Drew, Achilles,MM refer to. How else will I get close to 40 min 10k by the end of next year. I think I'll try typing "muscular skeletal breakdown" into Google - alternatively I'll just look in the mirror.

    enjoy folks
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all. Grey and warm today, no wind, it might be raining but I dunno - been working since 7 a.m. and haven't put my contact lenses in yet!

    What: 10 miles steady
    Why: Cos training programme sez so
    Last hard day: Yesterday 'Out and back' with the 'back' into a north wind. Still faster on the back tho', hurrah!
    LAst rest day: Saturday

    Speedie - I feel strangely tired reading what you have plnned today ...
  • What: swim
    Why: easy day today
    Last hard day: Wed - although quite stiff today from yesterdays weights
    Last rest day: Mon
  • Bogging horrible wet day here in Brum. Good day for curling up with a pile of back-copies of RW (not that I keep them, of course) and a mug of cocoa.

    What: Swim after work. If I'm really efficient, make the students work through their lunch break, and miss the traffic jams I may get to the gym in time for a Pilates class first. Fifteen minutes late and it will be power yoga (don't tell Benz, please) and if the timetable overruns I'll suffer the indignity of aqua-aerobics. I KNOW aqua-aerobics is great exercise and all that, but the word association that comes my to mind is "hydrotherapy".
    Why: I like to have a swim on Friday evenings. It's an enforced rest day otherwise.
    Last hard day: Yesterday. If 30 minutes of stepper intervals and a 1km swim is hard. Also RAN a bit - almost a mile (in instalments) of the walk to the gym. Ankle a bit sore and stiff at the time but no worse for it today. Dammit - maybe I could have done Cheddar after all.
    Last rest day: Tuesday.
  • Think I'll try coming back for a bit. Getting running again in spite of persistent gut trouble.

    What: 4+M in lovely, lowering driving rain. No really, I'm developing a taste for it. Moderate to what passes as fast for me. Followed by 500m at what definitely passes for fast for me in the pool. Very happy with that. Particularly after a fast 7M in even wetter rain on Wednesday.
  • Glad you're back, Stickless. Sounds as if you're progressing at a fair old rate!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Was going to do a track session today but heart rate is a bit too high for my liking so will take a rest instead.

    Hopefully my HR will be back to normal tomorrow for my 20 miler.
  • Missed out on club run last night, went on night out with flatmate who leaves today, went to watch pole dancing competition in local bar, can this be classed as cross training if I get some practise in, they were very energetic.
  • What: 5 - 6 miles including one mother of a hill.

    Why: Missed Wednesday and feeling guilty

    Long-ish run tomorrow, shortened due to visit of my son....

    Recovery run Sunday 4.5 miles then back to the old routine next week.


    After the total embarrassment of Windsor, I'm trying to get back into some reasonable kind of shape again...

  • Morning all.
    P*ss*ng down here as well - and the Beeb rainfall radar suggests it's going to carry on doing so.

    What: 7+ miles steady - or a bit faster than that if I feel good.
    Why: In short, if I'm going to manage my Helsby target time (84 mins), I need to get used to running faster for longer.

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Thu
  • Through the wind and through the rain,

    What: 10 miles steady
    Why: because I could not face anything else in the deluge, bit of speed work though when I tried to run really fast past big puddles before sadistic motorists splashed me, failed needless to say.

    Last hard: wednesday
    Last rest: yesterday
  • What:4 mile recovery followed by weights


    Why:Did speedwork yesterday and fancied something gentle.

    Having not weight trained for a good while,it has taken me until today to recover from monday's session.The last four days have not been a bunch of laughs.
    Walking like an extra from the 'Thriller' video.
    I managed to loosen up with good pre-run warm ups.Funny that,running is fine but can't walk properly in between!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    What: Probably nothing, unless it stops raining.
    Why: I never do anything on Friday - however, didn't run last night because I was too tired from lack of sleep this week (due to lying awake coughing half the night). Slept really well last night (probably due to exhaustion!) so MAY run tonight - but I'm not promising anything!
    Last hard: Goodness knows.
    Last rest: Yesterday.
  • What: eating and drinking
    Why: carbo loading and hydrating for Cheddar tomorrow
    Last hard: Saturday (15 miles, snorkel required
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • Afternoon.

    What: Just come back from 10k in the pouring rain and biting wind, followed by crunches and press-ups.

    Why: Two days rest due to pain in right leg. Seems to be okay now.

    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: yesterday

  • Helloooo,

    Just done 7.5 miles in lashing rain got absolutly soaked (t shirt and shorts) 20 mins stretching after then a red hot bath,
    what could be better, luverly........
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Didn't do yesterdays planned run due to parents evening that I'd forgotten about.Took the missus for a chinese afterwards which ruled out a late night run too!

    So feeling guilty did 6-6.5 mile fartlek.First two miles over fields,rest on roads
    Why : speedwork
    Last Rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Wednesday

    Oh and it p1ssed down continually again.
  • what : nothing again. havn't done anything since light(ish) 6 mile club run on wednesday.
    why : too tired and busy
    last hard day : sunday's 10 miler
    last rest day : monday, wednesday and thursday

    week 1 of marathon training went good. week 2 has not really progressed. Still, hopefully a quiet weekend will help me to get out both days.
  • What: nothing
    Why: it's raining
    Last dry day: September (or so it feels).
  • What: zilch again!
    Why: Did too much at circuits on Monday and for the first time ever have been unable to run for 3 days due to extreme muscle soreness.

    Felt like I'd done a marathon! Sitting down was painful and trying to straighten out my leg even more painful.

    Must have done about 300 steps ups fast and goodness knows how many lunges.

    Never again! Just hope I've not blown my chance of a good time at Cheddar 1/2 tomorrow.
  • Just like to add that cycling today turned into a nightmarish experience in torrential rain. Lovely. (Also I cycled through a six-inch deep megapuddle that must have been at least 400 metres long!)
  • Sounds fun Psi

    what - Xtrain
    why - zillas gotta slight cold - didn't want to agravate it

    last hard day - tuesday
    last rest day - wednesday?

  • Evening all,

    What: 5.6 miles easy
    Why: Easy run
    Last hard run: Wednesday
    Last rest: 11 days...

    Going to try and get out on the bike tommorrow, weather permitting

  • Did my new longer Friday run in 50:05 (suspect length is between 7¼ and 7½ miles - need to measure it properly).
    Not brilliantly fast, but it was the wettest run I've had in ages - rain was a fine, v heavy drizzle much of the way round, huge puddles to skirt, too much traffic (some of which was driving through the puddles I thought deliberately), and the delights of the Village Road hill climb halfway round (almost exactly 800m long, ~150 ft up, done tonight in 3:46 - watch this space, it'll get better over time).
    Didn't feel particularly drained afterwards either. So q pleased on balance.
  • What: 5 miles in the pouring rain
    Why: good excuse to get out of work at lunch time and test the new waterproof :)
    Last hard day: Monday
    Last rest day: yesterday
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