Mail Order experiences

I have tried quite a few of the big ones and struggle to understand how they can get it so wrong.

Bourne Sports - even writing it gives me the shivers. Ordered shorts off the web, chased them up twice by phone when they did arrive which was after 4 weeks wrong size and colour. Never used them since. Refunded item only not postage - even though it was their fault.

Sportsshoes Unlimited - ordered some shoes, they got the post code wrong and the package went astray. Had a hell of a job persuading them i never received the things. Felt like i was a bit of an inconvenience to them and it would have been better if i had simply gone elsewhere.

Up & Running - Hyde Cheshire. Brilliant very helpful, nothing is ever too much trouble. Cheap.


  • I ordered online at Sweatshop. I ordered 3 different peaces (shirt, bottle belt, can`t remember), and I got 3 parcels in 6 days, but I paid the delivery costs only ones.
    I tried them again, and what I ordered than was out of stock.
    I recently ordered two new shirts. I will see how they deliver.
    May be, the next time I will try a different one.
  • Bourne Sports...lost my shoes. I had to go to Blacks to buy a pair of off-road shoes the day before my race. Again had to persuade them that I'd never received them. Strangely enough the shoes I bought from Blacks (North Face Fireroads) have been fantastic so every cloud etc.....
  • I’ve used mail-order a few time and my experiences to date have always been positive

    TRIUK – I ordered a wetsuit on a Thursday Afternoon and it arrived first thing Friday
    53-12 – Again Swimming / Triathlon kit and it arrived within 2 days
    Cardiosport – HRM arrived the next day, but had a problem – their customer service was excellent and the problem was sorted within 2 days

  • Natterjack - Saucony jacket - came quickly good service.
    Up and Running - Shoes - came quickly good service
    Bourne Sports - shoes - Came within stated delivery time (7-10 days) and no complaints.
    Everything fitted OK and I saved a total of about £80
  • On The Run - would never use them again.

    I ordered shoes, they sent different ones and I had to pay the return postage.

    Up and Running - excellent

    Northern Runner - excellent

    SportsShoes Unlimited - excellent

    Sweatshop - excellent
  • God I wish I'd read this page before I ordered! I have just had the misfortune of buying off the internet from Bourne Sports. They sent me one x size 6 and 1 x size 6.5 shoe then never refunded the full postage costs. Terrible customer service. Wont buy from there again.
  • Sweatshop - brilliant

    Ontherun - hopeless. Won't use them again. Took them 10 months to admit that they didn't have the stock and to refund me. I emailed and phoned constantly.

    Start Fitness - got the order price wrong but refunded the difference promptly and very cheerfully. Saved a lot of money via internet purchase. would use them again.
  • Up and Running - First class service
    Bourne Sports - Sent top in wrong size, returned it never to be seen again. Never ever use these again ever ever ever.....
    Sweatshop - Great
    Xpedia (cycling) - The best

  • Startfitness_ I ordered wrong size (my fault!) , new pair with me quickly. All the other stuff came in the post (it was a big order!). Some lack of communication via the web but quickly sorted out over the phone in a friendly manner. Would recommend highly!

    the S@ss

  • Startfitness - My order (via web)was delivered quickly and correctly.When a subsequent order was out of stock I was e mailed the same day to inform me.Great service.Can recommend them.
  • I've ordered a couple of things from Startfitness. Both have arrived next day without any problem. They also gave me free delivery with my Polar HRM which was already the cheapest I could find.

    I recommend them as well!
  • I've ordered fell shoes from : they also sell standard running shoes), I will say the service was perfect.The delivery can take up to 5 days but my shoes arrive within 3days, If ordered online it's cheaper even with P/P and when your order you can add additional informations if you need too.

  • I wish that you hadn't started this thread, I have just gone and spent a fortune at Startfitness and I only went to check it out!!!

    Had similar bad experiences at Bourne Sports as everyone else...
  • - excellent website, easy to use, prompt deliveries and fantastic customer service - couldn't ask for anything more!

    Bournesports - got what I wanted eventually but not exactly user friendly!
  • I have ordered from Bourne on about half a dozen occasions in the last 18 months and I have to say I've never had a problem with them. Goods arrived as ordered and on time and brilliant VFM. My brother has bought a load of cycling stuff off them too and he's also well pleased. Sasd that everyone else isn't getting the same service.
  • I have never had problems with ordering goods from the internet...until I began running again.

    It seems that one or two shops advertised on this website seem to think that telling you whether goods are in stock or when they have been dispatched are luxuries they dont have to bother with.

    This is fine if you have the time to wait for an order that may or may not arrive but how many of us are really in that situation?

    Glad to hear from others of shops that do respect their customers.

    By way of summary:
    SSU - A nightmare.
    Bourne Sports - best to phone them, as their internet site is not a reliable guide.
    Runner's Need - great.
  • May be a silly question !!!
    Are you guys all using mail order & internet shopping cause there isn't a running store anywhere near you ? I'm just curious as my local store has nearly the same offers and prices as the mail orders lot, and I get to try them on have a run, make sure they are selling the right size etc. I cannot understand that if you have a store nearby why you are running the risk of 'posted/blind-date' goods?
    told you it was a silly question !
  • Barry, Im quite new to running, I dont know of any shops near me (Leeds) that offer the same stock as internet shopping. I'd rather buy from shops than pay the P&P costs.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    New Balance outlet in Lake District (I think). Ordered on Friday, arrived in London this morning. Cost about a fiver for a pair of shoes via the Post Office.

    Sounds quick to me.
  • Same as Gavo - Ordered Thursday afternoon arrived Friday morning - can't fault them!
  • By the time I pay for petrol and parking, the price of postage has pretty much been spent and I like being able to browse 3 or 4 different online stores before buying, with no one trying to give me the hard sell (often disguised as 'advice').

    Having said that, I would never buy my main pair of trainers without trying them on first - I stick to clothing/equipment only.
  • I get most of my stuff by mail order - I do like a bargain.

    Up and running - the staff are great I've only used them twice and both times they have not had the size I ordered even though it was still being advertised. They did offer an alternative and they came the next day. I would definately use them again.

    M and M - not specialist running but very cheap and very quick.

    Start Fitness - excellent
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