blotchy calves

Help! When I came back in from a run tonight, I noticed when stretching out my calves were all blotchy. They have been very heavy over the past month or so and on the odd occasion sore and tight when I am running, in fact it feels more of a plod than a run! Any suggestions or ideas


  • im sorry i dont know what to say, i jus hate when i post a thread and know one replies, i have to go now. make sure everyone has a message to read tomz.

    all the best
  • When I was younger I used to get blotchy legs - purple and orange colours being the most interesting. Think it was just caused by the circulation getting going, or when it was cold.

    I don't think the blotches would be anything to worry about though - just blood near the surface of the skin I guess.
    If you've upped your training recently that could perhaps be the cause for your legs to have been feeling heavier and tired though. Make sure you stretch thoroughly after your runs as this will help loosen them off and maybe stop them feeling so tight.

  • i saw some blotchy calves the other day. i think they were friesians. if you are worried perhaps you should consult a vet.
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