Cushioning shoes

Can anyone recommend some soft deep lush cushioned shoes the softer the better. I used to have some Mizuno rainbow SHOES ( CAN ANYONE REMEMBER THEM ) 10 years ago and have not found any think like them since.


  • Danny, I always used to run in Nike Pegasus - they are pretty soft. I've recently bought a pair of Ascis Nimbus IV they seem very cushioned but I've only done 20 miles in them so far.
  • Danny, I had Mizuno Wave Creation's for years and found them excellent until the 2002 model. Have also used Saucony Grid Web and NB 1220. Must admit, although the NB's are very expensive they provide excellent cushioning and I just bought a pair in the USA to replace my Saucony's. Good hunting.
  • I’m a major fan of the Mizuno Wave Creation it is probably one of the most cushioning shoe on the market with the added bonus of been a stability shoe

    One word of warning though I would only recommend this if you are a neutral runner

    The wave Rider is also worth looking at, its cheaper than the creation and is more suited to those who may roll a bit
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