• I LOVE the Darwin Awards.

    Definitley take a look later.
  • I love Friday afternoons more.
  • Nice one Fat Face.

    I love holidays more.

    And booze.
  • Hey FF this is a great site. I like 'Electrical Safety Lesson' best.

    How's Comet? In the one near us they've stopped accosting you the minute you go in the door and actually let you have a look at the merchandise. But they def need to do something about having to stand in line so long to pay.
  • Ah, Comet. Now there's a story. I was offered the job, but the pay was dreadful (commission could have been very good though). I searched the newspaper, job sites on the web, careers consultancies, recruitment fairs blah blah blah blah blah. Anyway to cut a long story short, I've got another job where I was previously working, starting Monday, so I never actually left. I guess I just wimped out really.
  • Hi FF,
    great site, how can people be so stupid, quite a few hours reading there..


  • FF - the French would say 'plus ca change...' But you got a payoff - or did you have to give that back?
  • I had to give it back :(

    Biggest cheque that I've ever written in my life. Now just got those bloody trees to sort out.
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