rucsac or bumbag

Help with a dilemma please.

I have a Camelback CloudWalker sack with a 2 litre bladder - great for bike rides, walks, skiing as it also holds a goodly amount of kit. But I wouldn't need this amount of storage for running.

BUT I'm not sure if I want to run with it so am thinking about getting a bumbag with bottle holder. Do users find these comfortable or does the full bottle weight cause bouncing up and down on the hip/bum and discomfort?

Any advice on relative merits of running with either system?? If I do go for a bumbag as I am inclined any recommendations on which one as prices seem to vary from about £10 to £30.


  • Hi fatbutfit

    Look for a hip/bumbag with a large area of material in the back portion. This is designed to rest in the small of your back and thus stops pack laiden with even two drinks bottles from bobbing up and down.

    I got my carrier from the USA and have not seen them over here, but the ones made by Nathan (where the bottles rest at an angle) look similar in design.

  • Thanx KP - I was looking at this (Nathan Tri Angle) as a possible but it looks pricey at around £20/25. PowerBar do a similar one for about £10 which is a better price but the problem with web shopping is that you can't see/feel the quality.
  • on the backpack front - i saw a runners backpack - a Nike Bowerman - somewhere a while a go - it was abit pricey but looked quite good - does anyone know where i might find one as i havent seen any since and i cant find the shop i saw it in! Doh!
  • i go for the bum bag option so i can easily get my phone, get out poop scoop bags for the dogs (you can tell i'm a serious runner as i take my dogs and stop to scoop the poop - well it gives me a second to catch my breath!)

    i tried the rucksack idea, but it just bounced around too much, although my friend has one that has an extra strap to go around his chest.

    don't think i'm a cheap skate but i ended up getting my bum bag from a bag stall at a local market. they had about 10 different ones - its excellent with lots of material so it fits into the bottom of my bag, and a very thick strap - both of which mean it doesn't move. and it only cost me a fiver.

    i used it when i ran the marthon and put lots in it including loo roll, spare knickers (didn't know how nervous i'd be or where the loos where!). the only thing i would say is i had some spare change and my bank card incase i didn't make it and need catch to get a cab or something, and the coins totally scratched off the magnetic strip on my card so it was useless anyway!

    i'm not saying any of you would be that stupid, but just watch what goes in where or else mobiles etc could get scratched even if the bum bag doesn't jiggle much.

  • I prefer bottles myself and find the "Nathan one with two bottles at an angle" pretty good. This allows one bottle for a sports drink, another for water, and also has a pouch for keys, gels etc. I generally return to the car after 90 min and change the bottles out to give the 2 - 3 litres needed for a 20 + miler.

    For higher liquid volumes in runs of up to 13 miles in hot weather (30 C plus), I have used a 2 litre camelback with the sports drink in separate bottles - worked great but weighed a ton (it's tough to clean the bladders if you fill them with sports drink).

  • My mobile phone got scratched in GNR. My own fault really but worth investing in a phone case. You can usally buy these cheap from the same stall Sian Edwards gets her bum bags from. My phone's a Nokia 5210 and because cover is water and shatter (though not seems scratch) proof, they cost £24 to replace.
  • BTW, couldnt get a signal till about 2hours after GNR and 3 miles away from finish (yes it takes about that long!) so pointless taking my phone in the first place!!
  • I've just picked up a cheapie View From bottle holder--all of the others I saw were angled, but angled to the right, which is no good if you're a left-handed drinker. Mind you, it's hard getting the bottle back into its seat with either hand. Good excuse to stop and puff, though--I have to anyway, because I can't drink on the move. My better half has an enormous bumbag--it's a marmot one, I think--you could get the kitchen sink in it, and it comes with two wells for drinks bottles. Overkill, possibly?
  • On anything over 13 miles I used a boringly cheap bumbag. I've only needed to carry half a litre for consuming during a training run. On events I rely on the drinks stations. However at London it was useful for the gel bars, coins, a card, and the mobile (no water).
    I found that the bounce depends on the weight carried. If anything it helps me start a run gently!
    ...Mind you I got the shock of my life when I'd just crossed Tower Bridge and my Mum rang to tell me who had just won....
  • Hi fatbutfit,

    I tried a couple of water bottle belts for long runs last year and they just bounced around all over the place! Tres annoying, I thought, and a waste of money... I read around on the net to see what worked for other people, and I eventually bought a Fuel Belt from the States. Their website is here. I don't often use it, because I don't often carry water, but I'd highly recommend it for those who want to. It's light and well made and it doesn't jump around at all. You can also use the bottles for gels as well as for drinks. (I carried one filled with gel in my sticky little trotter for the Belfast marathon earlier in the year.) It'll be possible to place an order via the website, but I rang them up as I was in a hurry and it was quicker. The belt arrived soon afterwards in the post, and the company were a pleasure to deal with. (Incidentally, I got the 4 bottle belt but if I was choosing again I'd go for the 6.)

    I have no connection with these people: I'm just a satisfied customer, and keen to spread the word about the great Fuel Belt :)
  • To stop bottle bounce, do the belt up really tight once it's on ... works for me ... essential when you 2 x full 0.75 litre bottles on the back.
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