This afternoon, I was updating some of the info in the URWRC database, for you all, and I managed to wipe the uptodate version of the database. This is not serious if you have not updated info in the last week or so. But if you were going to the London Socials You will have to enlist yourselves again.

I am sorry about this, and feel very humilated at having to write this apology.

:-( Friday afternoon blues are here!!!!



  • Ah bless.

    There's nothing like advertising :)
  • I can't logon there at the mo for some odd reason.
  • We'll let you, just this once...
  • i wondered what why it's been throwing me out in the past hour !
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    People may also need to re-enter themselves for the races.
  • yeah I had to take the database down for its normal home while I did the work. Should be ok now.....

    very redfaced SB
  • just check what you have put into the database. I was editing some races for BK
  • I have just re-entered the Christmas Cracker..don't forget to re-register..

  • Hey SwissBobby - don't worry! It would be far worse if most of the rest of us even TRIED to do anything with it! You do great with the site, so having a little problem once in a while just reminds us that you are human!

    Mind you, I was once told by our IT department, that the first rule of databases is ' make a back up BEFORE you start playing about'. I can't beleive they were right with something, other than their usual 'turn it off and back on again!'
  • Hi Swiss Bobby. Thanks for your reply to my thread a few days ago. Can you enlighten me into what the club is that you invited me to join? Sounds very important! Im honoured. British Dog.
  • Sorry SB, if it hadn't been for me you wouldn't be in this mess
  • No problem SB, I have just added any races again and targets etc, its not a major problem.
  • Please don't feel bad - without your efforts, there'd be nothing there at all :)
  • SB, apologies not needed.

    You are our website superhero and as such can do no wrong.
  • It's IT - stuff like that is meant to happen so no worries, mate.
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