HRM and boobs

hi all,

i run a few times throughout the week (for the last 2 years) and enter a few races for fun.

i run by myself (or with my dogs) and i though getting a heart rate monitor would be a good away to motivate myself and check my fitness.

the problem is, like most women (albeit elite runners) i have boobs - and therefore am rather confused about the whole strap idea with the heart rate monitors. i get enough taunts without wobbly boobs, so i have invested in a fantastic bra - and nothing moves! the problem is i think it was designed by the engineers who made the severn bridge its that big and solid - so where does the strap fit in?

some other girlies out there must know how it works...can anyone help?

i've seen hand held ones that aren't connected to you all the time - has anyone tried these - are they any good?

hope someone out there can shed some light.

thanks all


  • I think Polar used to do some kind of bra top that you threaded the strap through ?

    They have a website

    Don't know about hand held hrm's. I guess you'd have to stop to get them to work properly, and then your HR would be decreasing.
  • I have been wearing a HRM for the past few months, you need to put the strap around your ribcage under your bra. Ie wear you bar as normal and the bit of ribcage that is left at the bottom is where to put the strap!! I do find though that I spend most of my run hitching it back into a comfortable place! Therefore I am trying at the moment to invent a method of keeping it there without investing in a new bra... I will let you know if I find one!!
  • I wear a HRM when I run, I wear a sports bra and then put one of those flimsy crop tops on too and the elastic at the bottom keeps the HRM in place. I know it is most probably a bit of an overkill, but I am paranoid about bounce!!
  • I tuck the elastic strap of the HRM under the back of my bra. It seems to hold it in place.
    As for the chaffing question I posted earlier- I purchased Bodyglide for a quickfix and it's great. It's not slimy like vaseline and it really does the trick. You can get it at (or .com, can't remember). Anyway, I brought that up here because HRMs can be pretty brutal on your skin. Great- you go through all the trouble of finding the perfect bra and then mess it all up with a HRM.
    I also saw a strapless HRM advertised, I can't remember what it was called, but I think I saw it in a triathalon magazine (no, I'm not into tris, I was just bored at Borders and started reading the mag for fun)
  • cheers all...i think i'll give the strap tucked in the bra option a go...with bodyglide on stand-by.

    much appriciated
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