Tight Hip Flexors

Hi all,
I seem to have an ongoing problem with really tight hip flexors after every run. Whilst running I get a very slight feeling on the outside of my knee but it comes and goes during the run. The next day my whole hip area is very tight and on doing the hip flexor stretches I can really feel the tightness. Does anybody have any ideas on what is causing this and remedies besides continuous stretching or any exceptional stretches for this area. I feel I am an injury waiting to happen. This only occurs on my right side. I saw a physio a few months back who said I had a torsion of the hip joint but didn't advice me any further.
Any views would be appreciated.


  • I think I had the same type of problem and it took a long time to go, My physio friend told me I had started to over pronate a little and this is what was causing the problem.
    I've changed shoes and things are getting better and I hope she's right.
    Worth going to get your gait assesed.
  • I've just posted on another thread about my physio visit last night. I have pain in the right hip before during and after running. I've been running for around a year now.

    First physion visit last and it turns out I have one leg longer than the other causing compression in the socket of the hip and stressing the supporting muscles. Apparently its really easy to cure.

    He pulled my leg out tp release pressure on the hip socket and then gave me accupuncture. I go back next week to have orthotics fitted to the shoe of my shorter leg to even up my stride and stop the pounding of my right leg.

    I'd say you need to see another physio who will be a little more pro active.
  • Ditto, Yap Yap, I have the same thing. Went to see an osteopath last night, my longer leg has been over stretching my hamstring which has been ok while I've been plodding along for the last year since i started running, but when I introduced some sprints this year it proved too much and my hip became too painful to run. I'm getting some manipulation done and then a stretching programme. The good news is if I keep the stretching going it should not hinder me in future.
    I hope, Great North run looming up and no running for the last month!!!
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